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My Vintage Wedding: Let Them Eat Cake!

11:02 PMDollie DeVille

When planning my wedding I knew I wanted:

1) A nice ring (check)
2) A fun vintage dress (check)
3) A yummy and pretty cake (check)

I have posted about the ring #1 and the dress #2, and today I will be telling you all about #3- The Cake! 

 I haven't been able to catch you up on all of my wedding planning, but to make a long story short, things have changed! We are still having a destination wedding/elopement, but decided to have a reception a few weeks later back in town. But, more on that in another post. 

So, in some ways, I get two weddings now! For example, two wedding cakes- one for the two of us after our ceremony and one for the reception. Even with this change, I wanted to make both cakes myself to save money. 

Image Detail
For the ceremony cake I want to make a mini two tier cake with diamond print fondant, sugar pearls, and.....

Image Detail
Sugar dogwood flowers (which is a good hint to where we are getting married!). This cake would be in the wedding colors: pink/gold/cream and topped with our vintage wedding cake topper. I plan on making it before we leave town and hope that it travels well. 

For the reception cake: 

The cake was one of the couples’ favorite parts of the wedding -- they chose a multi-tiered confection made of vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, adorned with frosted gerbera daisies on top. “There were enough cupcakes for people to snack on at the wedding,”...
At first I had planned to have a modest mini cake for cutting on top of a cupcake tower. I figured I could make this pretty easily, even with all of the other stuff to do. But, I was out voted! My Mother-In-Law said that I already have too much to do and recommended that I get a professional cake baker instead. While the idea of designing the cake and having someone else bake it was alluring, it just wasn't in the budget. At that point my Mother-In-Law insisted that it was her treat, so I couldn't say no! 

We went to our local cake shop and presented the owner with my unique wedding theme (more on that to come) and she was at a loss for ideas! I mentioned that I like the diamond print fondant look and was interested in that, but she wasn't keen on it. I guess she is old school and prefers buttercream, even though wedding cakes are always fondant now. She said that she would do it, but the cost would be higher. 

After looking through about 10 photo books I was starting to get discouraged. I liked a lot of the colorful fondant cakes, but the baker and my Mother-In-Law insisted that a wedding cake should be traditional and any of those cakes could be for a birthday or other event. I did agree, so we kept looking. My Mother-In-Law liked the fairy princess cakes, the castle topper and all. I didn't know what I wanted, but I knew what I didn't want, and that was it! 

Then, one of her photos caught my eye. It was different than any cake I had seen before, but very reminiscent of vintage wedding cakes I had seen in black and white photos. It was tiered with columns, something I thought I didn't like, but looked very vintage, which in turn, made me like it.  

Image Detail
I couldn't find a photo like the one she had. The column pattern is different in this photo, but this is still a good example of the vintage look I was going for. 

Image Detail
Here is something that is also similar. 

Once we had the shape worked out, we started working on the color and patterns. Throughout her book I noticed that she was very good at doing Australian lace:  

Image Detail
Here is a good example of Australian lace. 

I was drawn to this because it reminded me of a vintage beaded cocktail dress like the one Marilyn Monroe wore. I think it is simply delicate! 

So, I wanted that, with a nice pearl boarder, and big bows (I love bows!). The cake colors will be the same colors of the wedding: pink, gold and cream. We will also be using the same vintage cake topper that we will be using on our ceremony cake. 

Once the design was completed we got to do the fun part; cake tasting! I had a special flavor in mind so I tried that one first and fell in love: Pink Champagne with Raspberry Champagne filling! It's to die for! Since I chose a three tiered cake, I thought I would add another flavor- Lemon! Zack will love that!

When the baker tallied up everything and gave me a quote of $4.50 a serving ( with 150 guest list).....well, I almost fell over! That was about $300-$400 over what I was expecting. What did I say, I have expensive tastes! I have a hard time justifying that price for a buttercream cake, but my Mother-In-Law insisted that it was a fair price. I think she was just happy that I went with a classic design that she liked. So, we booked it and put a deposit down. Done! Now I am just trying to put the price out of my mind and instead enjoy that I will be getting a delicious and beautiful wedding cake! 


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  1. Wow, cakes are expensive! I had no idea. The cake itself sounds yummo tho. My decorated wedding cake (16 years ago) was made from foam inside, as I wanted to keep it forever, and we just had a gooey Mud cake made up to put in the cake favour take home bags.

  2. Ohhh, those cakes are so beautiful... and so AMERICAN!!! Here in France the weddings cakes are absolutly not like these! It's called "pièce montée" in french, you will be able to see a piture of this kind of cakes on google.

    I'm pretty sure your wedding will have an amazing retro look!

    Mine was a vintage 50's one : vintage 50's dress, vintage cars, vintage hotel... You can see some pictures there:

  3. Well, wedding cakes are expensive - I guess it does take alot of time, training and effort to make such beautiful things. I dabble in cake decorating but am certainly not amazing like these are!

  4. Your cake sounds delish.I had the same problem with cakes.I had a german choclate cake with butter creme was sooo good.And a coconut cake.Congrats on your up coming wedding.xx

  5. WOW...the cakes sounds delicious!! I want cake now!

  6. What a nice cakes. It was designed well and its a great work. Congratulations.


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