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Hillbilly Fest

11:01 AMDollie DeVille

Hillbilly Fest 5 was in October and I am just now getting around to posting about it, I am so behind in my blogging! 

We look forward to this event all year because there is nothing like it! Last year they didn't have Hillbilly Fest, so this year was even more exciting! This year the event was held at Joe's Great American Bar and Grill again.

We love dressing up crazy for Hillbilly Fest (it is half the fun!), so this year I went as a hillbilly in a wash tub! I got a plastic tub from Smart and Final and cut the bottom out. Then I used twine to make a suspender strap to hold it up and put a wash cloth around my neck to make the twine more comfortable. To make the bubbles I used little white balloons and colored blue marker swirls on them. To finish the look I wore a shower cap with one roller sticking out the top.  I carried a loofa on a stick and the whole night I was washing myself and others with it- too fun! 

There is always a good looking crowd at this event!

Posing by Mitch Polzak's Cadillac- all the way from San Francisco! 

The line up was really good this year! 


Dave Stuckey- Looking dapper as always! 

Steel guitar is a must!

The highlight of the evening was Don Maddox of Maddox Brothers and Rose. 

Maddox Brothers and Rose is one of my favorite bands so it was a real treat to see Don live.

Don, Dave and Deke.

Country music royalty!

Playin' the fiddle 

Mitch, hillbilly dancing!

Next up was the Miss Hillbilly Dumplin' contest. 

There was some stiff competition! 

Andrea was lookin' like one hot hillbilly! ****RIP Andrea, we miss you!****

This is going to be a tough one to judge! 

The ladies lined up for the winner to be announced: 

Then they called my name!

Deke presented me with hillbilly gifts.

This means I am Miss Hillbilly Dumplin' royalty! I have been reining for 3 years in a row now! 

Me with my prizes posing by the out house: Hillbilly dolls, a popcorn maker, and a heart-shaped cake pan award. 

One of the other events that we love at Hillbilly fest is the hillbilly foot fishin'! Basically people try and pull things like fruit, dentures, etc (all worth different points) out of a wash tub using only their feet. The person with the most points at the end wins! 

There is all sorts of crazy going on in this photo. 

With Chris and Mitch.

Yet another successful year at Hillbilly Fest! A big thank you goes out to Dave and Deke for putting this event on for us. It is a ton of work, but fans like me appreciate it!!


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  1. Your costume is the cutest thing ever I would have never been able to think of that!!

  2. Bravo !!!! Your costume is the best ! I love it so much ! What a brilliant idea !! Congrats Dollie !!
    What a cool night. Wow you 're so lucky to have the opportunity to see one of the maddox bros on scene. Wow !!! I'm so fan !!!


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