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Halloween- 2 months late!

12:12 PMDollie DeVille

I am very behind on my blogging! I am still trying to catch up from October. Zack said just to scrap all of these posts, but I couldn't! I know you all want to hear about what I did- better late then never!

For Halloween we always go to Amber Foxx's annual Halloween Bash! She has a lovely home, is a great hostess, and all of our friends attend! It is always a highlight of the year. 

She always decorates the house so well! 

Look at this cool outfit- Half man and half woman. Tiffany made it herself! 

Tiffnay with her hubby- a scary dead solder. 

Chris of Roy Rapid and the lovely Mary "the world's tallest munchkin"! As always, her immensely talented brother Chris Simmich of South Side Market make it! 

He was the worlds tallest knome! 

The beautiful Stuckey family.

We watched the Halloween parade that went by their house. It was getting dark by then, so my camera couldn't get the best pictures. 

Amber and Bobby always go way out with the decorations. 

Booze is a must for any party!

Amber and Bobby got a DJ that spun some amazing tunes while projecting spooky images onto a big screen in the back yard. 

The DJ was dressed as Count Chocula!

Zack's costume was a little bit of an inside joke. We found a big over sized hat at a costume store and wanted to build a costume around it. We thought it looked like the over sized baseball caps that the Make A Wish Foundation put on sick kids to take press photos. We were both going through the process of determining if the lumps in my breast were cancerous, so it was a way for us to make light of the situation is a small way. We try not to take anything too seriously, especially something you can't control! 

And Zack wasn't the only sick kid in attendance! What is Halloween if not being able to push boundaries of what is socially acceptable? I saw another couple that dressed as a bloody tampon and panty liner! Wowza! 

More cool Halloween decorations- this time in the neighbors yard. 

They had a Nightmare Before Christmas theme!

There is Jack and Sally!

Chris Sprague was a woopie cushion (perfect for him!) and Sandra Sprague was a scary gothic doll! 

Emily was a little girl, but equally as creepy as Jesse in a girl scout costume. 

I guess I never said what I was- I was Carmen Miranda in an authentic 1939 Worlds Fair costume worn in her show! Thank you Ebay! This was very heavy, constructed like a dream, and all sequins and sharkskin! It was a Halloween dream come true! 

We are a mix of characters we are! 

T-Bone was a Care Bear! 

Amber Umbriaco was a cute vintage cowgirl that was hiding a dark secret- she is a vampire! 

The scary decorations continued inside the house!

With Deen and Mary. 

The hostess was a bit of a witch! ha ha ha

As always, it was a fabulous Halloween party! Thanks to Amber and Bobby for having us over! 


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  1. What an amazing Halloween party! It worst to share it with us!!!
    Your outfit are lovely and with such an history, you must had been proud to wear it!!!!
    Halloween is not really popular here in France but this year for the first time in my life I hosted a Holloween Party, here are some pictures:

  2. Your Hallowe'en party looks AMAZING! Those costumes are so imaginative!


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