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We Finally Got Our O'Keefe and Merritt Stove!

12:40 PMDollie DeVille

I have loved O'Keefe and Merritt stoves for years but it was never the right time to buy one. I just saw one at my local antique mall for $1,200 but it was pretty beat up and WAY over priced! So when Dave Stuckey and his wife Andrea Stuckey posted a picture of this beauty on their facebook pages, I fell in love with it but figured it was out of reach. They got me in contact with the seller and I found out that it was indeed still for sale, and they would take $250 for it! That next day we went to pick it up, and a few days later we had the gas company install it. When it was all shined up I took some photos to show you:  

The top right burner is a Wilcolator, which can keep a pot on the stove at a consistent temp that you set, good for soups and stews. Normally the thermometer is broken but ours works perfectly and we use it for pasta sauce all the time! It is cool to see the fire automatically go up and down to control the temp!


It has a glass shelf too, perfect for cooling pies! 

Griddle- a little dirty still from breakfast that morning 

optional 5th burner 


Storage compartment 

Star burners! 

After doing a little research, it appears that this may be a DeVille model, "The Cadillac of Ranges'! What an amazing coincidence huh? I think this stove found ME, not visa versa! The stove works great too! We especially love the griddle and use it for everything! 

The seller also threw in this record player when we bought the stove! 

I like the colors! 

It is a Silvertone, works, but just needs a new needle. 

We also completed one more little project in the kitchen:

We added some decorative wood trim to the cabinets above our stove. I made a paper template, my 11 year old brother helped me cut it out with a jigsaw, put it into place....

and then I sanded it. When I was sanding it my brother took this pic to show "that I am more then just a pretty face". Too cute! 

Then I pained it up! I think it's simply delicate! 

I love the heart, my own special touch! 


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  1. Heah there! Love the stove you are so lucky to find on in such great shape! My husband and Father actually just picked up a 1951 Roper today, it was my Husband's Grandmothers and has been in the basement for who knows how long. Unfortunately, it's not in the best shape I think I'm going to have to get the outside redone.

  2. Gorgeous! My Mother has one *just* like that. It was my Grandmother's. Great work on everything else, looks super cute.

  3. damn that oven is a BEAST! it has everything an oven should have and more, what a great find!!!

    the trim looks great too, you're so handy!

  4. Oh your stove is so Cadillac! Gorgeous!! I wish we had a kitchen that allowed for a vintage stove...damn them for being bigger then stoves today. I especially love the star burners...I love attention to detail. Can't wait to see some of the great stuff you make on this oven.

  5. That bstove is amazing and your little trim is so cute too :)

  6. where do you live and what is the name of the shop you got the stove at? i would totally get a stove like that for $250! thanks!

  7. Great stove- you got a GREAT deal! And your kitchen is so darn cute!

  8. I just purchased same stove for the same price! A few differences - my left oven has a rotisserie & grillevator, there's a periscope to check out what's in the right oven, my entire top is chrome and no cool star burners for me. Otherwise, identical. Unfortunately, I've got a little corrosion inside, one knob is cracked, and the programmable clock isn't working. Most Okeefe & Merritt repair shops specialize in the slightly older versions. Any suggestions for a shop that might have parts?

    Also, we've got all the original owners manuals, cookbook, etc - which I can provide copies of if you're interested.

    Finally, yeah, that griddle is really cool. And when you take it off you can put a big wok on top and turn it into a 'wok station' sporting six-inch flames. Which is frickin' cool.

  9. My grandfather worked for O'keefe and Merit as an engineer his entire adult life. I'm sure he had a hand in designing and building that stove. It's so great to see that. Thanks for posting!

  10. I LOVE that stove! My family is selling one that's similar but that actually has the De Ville model name plus the Cadillac V. It's on eBay now. Check it out! Hoping it goes to a wonderful Rockabilly home that loves mid-century quality.

    If you know anyone who might be interested, we’d be very appreciative!

    You have a GREAT site!

    Marlene Somsak


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