Troubles in Bloggingland

10:50 AMDollie DeVille

I just wanted to tell you all why I have not been blogging lately:

1) My only computer was a 10 year old hand me down laptop that took about a hour to start and load up. It also didn't have any more room on the hard drive for photos or videos, or have a working CD drive. Therefore, I didn't have patience to start up the computer to blog and I couldn't upload the photos and videos I needed to blog.

2) I am going through a lot of other stuff- working one night a week at Weight Watchers, going for a promotion at my real job, working on a possible opportunity on TV, and I am experiencing some heath problems (two non-cancerous tumors in my left breast). So, I am overwhelmed at times, and blogging has to take a backseat.

3) I would rather be planning my wedding!

So, after years of putting off buying a new laptop, the laptop finally goes kaput and we lose EVERYTHING! All 7 years of photos of our relationship, holidays and vacations. All of the photos I had taken for future posts like "What I Wear at Work" to show you all a 4 season view of my vintage work wardrobe, photos for "Ask The Rockabilly Socialite" posts that I am late answering, and photos of recent purchases that I wanted to show you.

We knew we couldn't live without a laptop for long, so we broken down and finally bought a new one, only to bring it home to find out that the wrong one was in the box that the salesman gave us. So, the next day we had to go back to the store and exchange it for the right one. Luckily it was no problem and we now have an amazing new laptop.

So, to wrap this up, I hope I can be a more consistent blogger in the future. I just need to retake ALL of those photos for you. Thanks for your patience my loyal readers!


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  1. Hi Dollie

    Sounds like you've had a run of bad luck recently and a pretty stressful time! Hope things start looking up for you soon.

    And just to let you know you can remove the hard-drive from the old laptop (as long as it hasn't been damaged when you're laptop broke) and get an external case for it that you can then plug it into your new laptop and transfer your photos across

    Best of luck with everything! xx

  2. Miss Dollie,
    I've been a casual reader of your blog for about a year--I think the first entry I read was the before and after of your adorable house--but I never commented because well, not sure really, but now seemed like a good time because you're having a not-so-good time. Your blog is an inspiration, plain and simple. Reading your words, seeing your awesome vintage clothes, and seeing snapshots of all the wonderful places you visit and people you hang out with simply makes me feel better through the vicarious act of observation. And I'm very sorry to hear about your tumors, benign though they may be, because that is an extremely scary situation to find oneself in. Good luck with everything, especially your wedding! I plan to read about your golden wedding anniversary sometime in the year 2062.

  3. enjoy planning your wedding!Sorry to hear about your health problems.Take care of yourself.

  4. Emma's suggestion to transfer the data from the hard-drive is worth a try.

    I did the same thing when my old laptop broke. It worked! If I were in the US, I could help...


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