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The Fish Fry Hollywood Speakeasy!

7:33 PMDollie DeVille

A few weeks ago we went to check out the new location hosting The Fish Fry- Hollywood Speakeasy! This record hop is put on once a month by a friend of ours, Christopher Whitfield (also one of the best DJs in LA, DJ Lucky La Rocka). We knew we had to check it out to support him. 

The new location is the Blue Goose Lounge at 5201 Sunset Blvd. 

This place has a cool dimly lit feel. 

There is a balcony, small dance floor....

and lots of lounge seating! This is not your normal trendy Hollywood club, so it's perfect for the Fish Fry! 

Deen and I. I wore my fav pink vintage see-through top and vintage gab skirt. 

The "too cool to dance" crowd. 

There was a few dancing couples. We didn't get out there and dance because one of the DJs that night played a ton of  big band/old swing music. Not exactly the hep-cat style rockabilly we like to jive too. But a lot of people in Hollywood like that music for dancing, so they took advantage of it. 

So when a rockabilly song finally came on, Tallahassee Lassie, I jumped in excitement to stroll! 

We smile in Hollywood, don't let people tell you otherwise! 

Gettin' my groove on! 

We had fun dancing, drinking, and chatting, but all good things have to come to an end. A few minutes later two people started a fight and one threw a giant glass block candle holder at the other. It is sad when people can't control themselves. It ruins the party and reflects poorly on the rockabilly "scene" in general, the establishment and the promoter. 

I know no good Rockabilly Socialite would conduct herself like that now would we? 


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  1. WOW! This is literally within walking distance from my salon. I will need to check it out! Thanks for the tip!

  2. OOOhhh!!! I was invited to go last weekend and couldn't make it. Think I will check it out in January, especially if they play a lot of big band jazz. Jive is fun, but this girl loves to do it East Coast and Lindy style ;)

    Love your blog pretty lady.
    XOXO Nicole

  3. Hey lady, thanks for the review, not had any 'trouble' since then so i hope you'll be paying us a visit again soon more 20s & 30s i assure you . Next nite id Friday Dec 30th ...a pre NYE shindig always ...NO COVER !


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