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Amber Foxx and Blue Collar Combo at Ink For A Cause

11:36 AMDollie DeVille

A few weeks ago we went to The Clock Tower Inn to see Amber Foxx and Blue Collar Combo play the Ink For A Cause after party.  

We had the gang over for atomic cocktails before the show. 

Amber and Sandra brought me over some belated birthday gifts! They are always giving me gifts it seems, aren't they the sweetest???

Amber got me this pink vintage borg scale to match my bathroom! I LOVE it!

I works too! Don't try too hard to see my weight.....its about 7 lbs over due to all those clothes and my shoes! 

She also got me some cool new makeup! 

Sandra gave me this amazing vintage Kwik-Tan! This may make an appearance at VLV as a photo prop! 

I wore my new blue skirt with the matching purse from Ebay. It has white cocks embroidered on it! 

Blue Collar Combo

The Band Wives: Amber, Dollie, Leslie, and Sandra!

Amber Foxx! 


Thats it, just a quick post about the Ink For A Cause Show!


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  1. Glad that you are back to blogging! Hope to see to guys soon!


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