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Adventures of Backpacking Bettie Part 3

9:30 PMDollie DeVille

Well, here it is, over a month later- The final installment of Backpacking Betty! 

On the last day of our backpacking trip we went down to the Merced River...

to freshen up.....

and take a little dip!

Then we put back on our packs and hit the trail. 

On the way we passed a water fall-

beautiful Nevada Falls

Liberty Cap and Nevada Falls

Zack on the trail

And of course, it rained, again. 

This was sad to read. It is the photos of two people swept over Vernal falls this year. 
Warning- Don't get near the water atop a waterfall!

After about a 6 mile hike, we make it back to Yosemite Valley. 
Do you see the tourists? You didn't see any of those in the other backpacking photos! 

We made it!

The Merced River, after all of the waterfalls. 

This deer looks angry! 

Don't pet it! Really people, please don't pet the wildlife. 

After walking three days strait and eating dehydrated food this was the best tasting pizza EVER!

And best tasting beer ever! 

Then after dinner we caught the bus back up to Tuolumne Meadows (our starting point) and picked up our car. By the time we got to that elevation, the rain had turned into snow! We knew it was about time to high-tail it out of there and head south back to our home and warmer weather. It was one amazing trip. I can't wait to go back!  

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  1. I've enjoyed these posts! I love the outdoors and you are totally making me want to do something like this. Hope to see more posts like this from you in the future!

  2. Thanks for sharing Dollie! I'm living vicariously through you and Zack. I'm not sure I have the wherewithal for all that hiking and camping. Great job!

  3. I want to go back! This trip was definitely one of the top experiences in my life and I can't wait to get out there again. Only next time let's go farther/longer! The "cleansing" affect of being out in nature can't be over emphasized. As John Muir would say, "The mountains are home."

  4. Looks like a beautiful trip! I love hiking myself, and thats truly some beautiful scenery! :D

  5. Oh, yes. I do agree with Zack's comment ;-)

  6. You always look good with the curls and shaheen, but I personally love the granola-Dollie look ;) Can't wait to hit a trail with ya soon!


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