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End Of Summer Vacation- Part 3

9:43 AMDollie DeVille

Until these posts, you probably had no idea that I am an out-doorsy type of girl. But I am! I just do it my way. I still like to look my best, even while getting dirty outside, but it has to be practical. I would look pretty silly in a full dress, heels and fake lashes hiking in Yosemite. So, I give and take. I give up my vintage garb in favor of practical modern high performance clothing, and I give up my perfect wet sets because they wouldn't hold up anyway, and instead wear bandannas and ponytails. But what I can't give up is makeup! So, I bring items that can multi-task and keep it minimal. So, I thought it would be fun to share my "Backcountry Betty" camping makeup with you: 

I wear a base of tinted moisturizer with SPF, and pressed powder with SPF. I bring my normal mascara, eye liner and eye lash curler. I bring an eye shadow trio of neutral colors and a foam sponge applicator. I splurged and brought a  eye brow pencil too. Last but not least, a tinted lip balm with SPF that doubles as a cheek tint in a pinch. All of this fits in a sandwich size ziplock. 

Another fun thing to share is a book I picked up in the book store, Off the Wall: Death in Yosemite. It is basically like it sounds, a compilation of true tales of death in Yosemite. 

Before we started the day, I treated us to a yummy breakfast- 

Blueberry pancakes! 

Then we headed back off the the valley. That is Halfdome there.

We always see a ton of deer. This one was a faun. 

Then we stopped off in Camp Curry.

A Yosemite favorite since1899!

While in Camp Curry we rented bikes and went on a joy ride, one of our favorite pass times in Yosemite. 

Zack loved taking videos while in Yosemite. 

I love this meadow with the purple flowers. 

That's me! 

The views here can't be beat! 

While in Yosemite Village we stopped and picked up our backpacking permits for our trip the next day. More on that in the next post. 

Then we stopped off for a dip in the Merced River. 

Ah, not bad at all! 

We got to see some people rafting too. 

No trip to Yosemite is complete without a trip to the chapel. I adore this chapel!!! 

This is heaven to me. 

After the chapel we went to visit the Ahwahnee hotel. 

The Ahwanhnee is and has been the most beautiful and grand hotel inYosemite since the 1920s. This is the front view of the hotel. Normally the grass is green when we go in spring, but in fall it dies and is covered in snow in the winter. 

This is the rear view with the out door seating and pool. 

We would love to stay there one day, but the price is very steep at over $500 a night! Ouch! 

We stopped into the sweet shop and bought some yummy truffles! 

This is the lobby of the hotel. 

This is a photo and memorabilia from when the Queen of England stayed in the hotel.  

This is the lounge and grand fireplace. 

This is the sun room. 

This is the Winter Sports room. 

I would love to have brunch in this room. 

This is a conference room up stairs. 

With a view of the lounge. 

Even the squirrels are happy here. 

After we built up a appetite we went back to camp and made bugers, corn on the cob and cold beer! Yippy. 

Stay tuned for posts about our back-country backpacking trip!

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  1. I love this hotel!!! I'm french and I was in Yosemite about 15 years ago, a good souvenir! But a large part of the park was burned... so sad.

    You are right wearing vintage to hike in montains is quite silly!!!
    I always wear vintage 40's-50's except to work because I'm a landing surveyor working in fields and in constructions sites... I think that most of people who know the vintage me will not recognize me while working!!!


  2. You two should vacation in the Appalacian mountains out here some time. You'd love it.

  3. I really enjoyed this article. I noticed the resort you guys stayed at and it looked really nice. I wounder if it was green seal certified. I have been trying to stay at a resort like Great Wolf because I think it would be really neat to be helping the environment while on vacation.

  4. End of summer vacation is very hurt to me because all the memories are coming at the end of the summer vacation i really like your blog because its heart touching and reality based article bus from new york to indianapolis..


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