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End Of Summer Vacation- Part 2

11:56 AMDollie DeVille

We started day two of our Yosemite vacation with a walk to Tuolumne Grove. Neither one of us had been to Tuolumne Grove before so we were really looking forward to it. 

The grove has giant sequoias- the biggest trees by volume in the world! Yosemite's most famous giant sequoia is the Grizzly Giant.  The tree is 100 feet in circumference and is estimated to be 2,700 years old, possibly making it the world's oldest sequoia! 

One tunneled sequoia- the first to ever be cut in Yosemite National Park- remains standing in the Tuolomne Grove. Called the Dead Giant, the tress was already dead before the tunnel was cut in the early 1870s to attract stagecoach tourism traffic. You can see see names carved into the base of the tree, with dates going back to the 1800s!

We crossed a little creek to get to see a fallen giant sequoia. 

This tree fell in the 1980s I believe. 

You can see the shallow root system of the giant sequoias. 

This one is hallow, creating shelter for little forest animals. 

This was as far as I would go in before I got scared. 

One more giant sequoia photo for you. They are so big I couldn't get the base and top in one photo. 

Then we headed into the valley, with a stop to our favorite photo op location- Tunnel View. 

You can see a water fall there if you look closely. 

In the valley we went to the Indian Village of Ahwahnee to learn about the natives to Yosemite Valley- the Miwok and Paiute people from 1850 to present. 

This round hut built into the ground is used for religious ceremonies to this day. 

We cannot go into it, but I tried to snap a picture of the inside anyway. I read that they start a fire in there and the hunters sit in a sweat box all day and bathe to remove all scents, then wear a dear skin and go hunting that way. I guess they think it helps the deer to think that they are deer also. 

We also visited the Yosemite Museum. A visitor to Yosemite rode in on this bike back in the day. 

This is some prehistoric looking giant bass caught in the Merced River. 

Then we walked around the Valley a little more and took some pictures. 

This is Bridal Veil Falls, still going even in September. 

That is the Merced River in the foreground. 

Before the day was over we made a hearty meal of steak, baked potatoes, and beer! 

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  1. I used to have this neat vintage View-Master and it had a reel of Yosemite, your vacation reminds me of it - fun!


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