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Adventures of Backpacking Bettie Part 1

2:08 PMDollie DeVille

I try and keep this blog on topics about rockabilly and vintage stuff, but, I am a lot more than just that. I do have hobbies outside of rockabilly, so I thought I would share a little about that aspect of my life. Mostly because I get bored talking about the same 'ol stuff all the time, but also because I want to document this trip for myself to remember in the future as well. And lastly, to show you some pretty pictures! 

After a few days of camping in Yosemite valley, we headed off for our real adventure: Backpacking in the High Sierra back country! You probably didn't know that a self-proclaimed girly girl could be a backpacker, but I am, and I am darn good at it too! 

We drove up to Tuolumne Meadows area and parked on the side of the road.  

Zack and I started at the Cathedral Lakes trail head and were headed to Yosemite Valley, 20+ miles away. 

We started off with a big group of backpackers. It looks like I packed the lightest pack here. This is the one time I make sure to only pack what I need, and nothing more. We saw this couple on the trail a lot, as they were going the same place on the same route. His pack was 75 pounds and hers was 50-ouch! In contrast, mine was 30 and Zack's was 45. You would think that meant they had a lot more gear then us, but in reality we found out that they brought a lot of impractically heavy gear. To cook they brought a tea kettle and cast iron skillet. We brought a JetBoil cooking system instead. They brought heavy cotton clothing. We brought modern light synthetic fabrics instead. With backpacking, ounces count, and new synthetic fabrics are your friend! This is very different from my vintage stuff for sure! 

This is Zack in this backpacking garb. 

That's me, Backpacking Bettie is my trail name! 

Everyone gave me looks like-What is this little blonde doing on the trail? Then the joke is on them when I blow right by them and arrive at camp hours before them! 

A nice guy took this photo for us. It turns out that he was the father of the actress Maggie Grace that played Shannon in Lost. You meet people with interesting stories on the trail! 

I love seeing the pack trains bringing in supplies and packing out waste. That's how you know you are still on the right trail: Follow the horse poop! 

This is the point were we got caught red handed for leaving from the wrong trail head. Our first pick was sold out, so we had to get a permit for another trail head. We didn't think we would actually get caught! But we lied through the teeth and said we thought we were on the right train head. This ranger was cool about it- thank god! 

After a nice long hike we made it to our first stop, Cathedral Lakes! Possibly the most beautiful place I have ever seen in my life. 

After frolicking in the water for a while we sat down for a gourmet lunch- a granola bar. That's the great thing about backpacking- you walk all day + you only eat bars and dehydrated meals= guaranteed weight loss!  

Then we noticed that the pretty white fluffy clouds were turning into gray rain clouds. That's no good because we still had miles and miles to go! 

Long Meadow. 

Needing a break. These hills don't mess around! 

This is about the time when it started raining. This isn't your normal California rain. This rain is actually just hail the size of quarters. It hurt so bad! Oh, and thunder too. Loud, scary thunder! 

See those white blobs on the ground? Yep. Big, fat, painful hail.

After about two hours of walking in the rain and hail, we pulled out our fashionable emergency ponchos. His was blue, and mine was pink. 

After walking all day long, this was the home stretch.....

and one more set of stairs......

And we made it to camp! 

We set up tent and made dinner. 

Even though I was starving, my dehydrated Indian  food wasn't cutting it and I had to dump it in the compost toilet. But shhhhh......don't tell anyone!  

This was the view from our camp site. Not bad at all! Totally worth the long, tiring hike. We felt great! 

It finally stopped raining, and we were blessed with a rainbow! 

Not a bad way to end the day. 

Then we went to bed early and played 20 questions. I kick butt at that game. My record is 3 questions! 

In my next post I will tell you what we did the 2nd day on our backpacking adventure. 

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  1. What a lovely post with such breathtaking pictures! My husband was in the Army Infantry for almost 10 years and loves hiking. He has all the gear and wants to take me out to the local Blue Ridge for hiking and camping. I did a day hike in Aspen, Colorado back in September of 2007 and it was amazing! I have never been camping or done anything intense like your pictures though! I am inspired by your post to want to make a weekend hike happen for sure!! Thank you so much for sharing this!

  2. Awesome pictures!


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