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Ventura Nationals 2011

8:23 PMDollie DeVille

On the Saturday of labor day weekend, we went to the beach for Ventura Nationals. We attend every year, and it is always one of our favorite events. 

I wanted to get one more wear out of my favorite Hawaiian dress before I put it away for winter. 

As always, there were some sweet rides to be seen!

There was also the pinup contest again this year. I entered last year but didn't place. This year I was hoping to place because the top three places received giftcards for my favorite thing: clothing!!! 1st place got $500 to Stop Staring, 2nd got $250 to Nicole Katherine Designs, and 3rd place got $150 to Nicole Katherine Designs.  

You had to answer one question, but mostly you just had to stand there and look pretty. 

Not too much involved in these contests. 

I kind of stick out like a sore-thumb don't I? I was the only blonde, really??

The judges were: Tom Ingram of Viva Las Vegas, burlesque dancer Audrey Delux, and Phil Alvin of The Blasters. The announced the winners as....

1st, 2nd, and 3rd as shown. I was super happy to place! 

I loved the girl in the purple, I would have been happy to place after her-she was too cute and sweet! When she didn't place I was so sad! I wanted to give her my 3rd place. ha ha. Even the crowd kept yelling-PURPLE, PURPLE, PURPLE! 

For my 3rd place win I got a $150 giftcard to Nicole Katherine Designs, and I already know what I want to get with it, and I will make sure to share it with you when I get it. Whoo hoooo. So excited about that! In a nice surprise, we also won a ticket to this years Viva Las Vegas!!! 

Posing with the Viva Las Vegas car. 

While there I also did some shopping at the vintage vendors and got some GREAT steals! When I walked into one of the booths they mentioned that they had some dresses like the one I was wearing, so I asked to see them. I didn't have much money to spend, so I figured they were out of my budget. I loved the two Kamehameha's they showed me, but they didn't have price tags. I was afraid to ask what they wanted for them, but......

I got this Kamehameha sarong dress, and....

this Kamehameha sarong dress.... for $50!! Yes, both for $50! One they said $25 a piece I snatched them up,  paid cash, and ran away with them without even trying them on. I didn't want to seem too eager, and have them realize what a steal it was before I got away! But wow, possibly the best vintage deal ever!! 

Not a bad way to spend the start of my week and a half end-of-summer vacation. More on that coming soon!

But we had one more stop before we could leave for our vacation- the market. I took this cellphone picture while there to prove that I really do wear my vintage everywhere-even the market! No sweatpants for me, no sirree! I wear Shaheen to the market!


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  1. $50 for both of them! Wowee. That sure is a steal. And they look great on you, too.
    -Andi x

  2. I wear my vintage everywhere in public, too! It's a little easier for me, being in NYC where everyone wears "different" clothes and there isn't a lot of judgment, but I get a lot of compliments!

  3. Your dress is super cute!! Congrats on winning third place =)

  4. Your Hawaiian dress is gorgeous, well done for third place! Lucy xx

  5. wow! what an awesome deal on the dresses! superpretty.

  6. WHAT???!!that is a steal!!!! it to funny because my mom & I were just talking about we want to get vintage Kamehameha sarong dresses!!! LOL I think you should have one first place though.... your dress is divine!!!

  7. But thats uper cool that you got a gift card for winning third place!! Im so exicted for you@!!!

  8. What a gorgeous Hawaiian dress!! You look fab as always! I think you should have taken first place! Not only did you have the best look, your dress was tops! As for shopping while wearing vintage, I can relate! I wear vintage, day and night! I even wear it to bed!

  9. Well done on both getting 3rd place, and the dresses! What a bargain!
    x Molly

  10. Hello! This is the Vendor who sold you the dresses. : ) I'm so glad you loved them, is it ok I use your pictures for my page? Please visit our store where we have other awsome inexpensive vintage finds. : )

  11. Congrats on placing! Nicole Katherine makes some fantastic stuff - it'll be easy to redeem your prize.

    Score of a lifetime! Gorgeous dresses! And I thought the $80 Kamehameha sarong I got was a deal :P


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