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Our End of Summer Vacation

5:54 PMDollie DeVille

Zack and I took a much needed vacation after labor day. We had a whole week and a half off of work, and we decided to take a trip-just the two of us! Yosemite National Park is about a 5 hours away and is one of our "special places", so it was an easy choice. Yosemite offers a lot of bang for your buck so to speak, as camping is so affordable, but the location has so much beauty to offer.  There is so much to do there that even a week isn't enough! 

The first day we took the long route in to stop in the little mountain town of Mariposa. I would say we "took the scenic route", but in reality, any drive into Yosemite valley is a scenic route. If I could live anywhere, I would live there. It is like a little sleepy mountain town you see in movies-just precious! 

We stopped for lunch at this old fashion family burger joint called Happy Burger. The food was delicious!

They had old records covering the walls and ceilings- my kinda place!

Zack and I, finally getting away from it all and relaxing. 

On the way to our campsite we pulled the car over for a photo op!

This was my last chance to wear vintage for a whole week, so I used the opportunity to wear my red and white gingham top. I thought it was camping appropriate. 

We are all smiles in the fresh air and sunshine!

Then we got to our campsite and set up tent. 

This was our home for the next few days: Crane Flats Campground.

 We had a few comforts like a big tent, picnic bench, BBQ, and vintage Coleman stove.

We also have this vintage camping chest that was made by a family member and used for 50+ years of camping trips. We are excited to continue the family camping tradition. It is a classic American vacation after all!

The chest has all of these cool vintage stickers on it from Zack's grandparent's travels. I love this Vegas one!

And the Disneyland one of course!

I also like these LA ones. 

After we set everything up we took a little stroll. 

Wild flowers!

We even did a little climbing. Because we were going to be so active during this trip I had to wear "active wear". Basically ugly, shapeless, wicking fabrics. Functional and practical but not pretty. 

We also observed the wild life! 

After we built up an appetite I made us dinner on our vintage Coleman stove.  

Me, being a backcounty betty! 

After our dinner of hot dogs and baked beans, we made smores! Not a bad day at all! 

I have to break down this vacation into multiple posts, so look out for the next Yosemite vacation post soon! 


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  1. The perfect camping!!! I like the vintage Coleman stove and the chest. I'm so jealous.

    Waiting for the next post :-)

  2. What a fun holiday.I mss camping haven't done it in so long.Looking forward to more pics.x

  3. Awesome camping trip! Yosemite is on my list for sure! If you and and Zack ever make it up to Washington State, check out Mount Rainier NP. I'm sure you guys would love it! I'll tell you all the cool spots to hit up too (I used to work there)!

  4. Loving your camping posts! My fiancé and I try to go camping as many times as we can every year. We've done Sequoia several times and like to head up to Huntington Lake and Lake Edison, but have yet to make it to Yosemite. Is Crane Flats your favorite campground in that area or do you have any other recommendations?


  5. Ohh, I really want to go to Mount Rainier!

    Pennington- You would love Yosemite! This was my first time in Crane Flats. Normally I camp in the valley at the campsites there, but they book so far in advance that we couldn't get one. I want to stay in White Wolf next. Basically, the are all good, you can't go wrong with any of them, but it depend on what you are going for- tourism, hiking, solitude, etc.


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