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Newest Purchases: Atomic Bar!!!

12:32 PMDollie DeVille

 When I did my before and after home post I mentioned that I wanted a bar for the corner of my living room. I figured it was a far off dream though. Then I had one of by readers forward me an Ebay link to this bar on my Facebook page. I loved it right away, but it was out of my budget. Well, I kept watching it, and when it didn't sell they relisted for less, and with an OBO option. So after some tough negotiations, I decided to buy it! I had to say it was for an early birthday/Christmas present for Zachary to justify it for myself. It was shipped via a Greyhound buss all the way from MI! It came in perfect condition, so we cleaned it up and put it to use right away!

The vintage bar stools we had matched perfectly! 

The cat is already a regular. 

PBR is always available at our bar. I love the laminate top with the gold atomic stars and metal edging. 

This is the kind of bar that I can go to All Natural! 

The front is black patterned metal that you can see thru. 

The bar is already stocked from stuff we had in the cabinets! 

The seller also threw in this cool matching metal shelf! 

Sandra gave me this super cute vintage pineapple toothpick set. I love it for behind the bar!! 

The last new thing I have to show is this vintage skirt and purse set. The same reader sent me the Ebay link to this beautiful set, and I knew I had to have it!

I didn't have any sets with a matching purse! You know how much I love matching sets! 

But really, now, I can't spend anymore money shopping!!! I have a wedding and honeymoon to save for.


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  1. Great bar! I know you will enjoy it :-)

  2. cute bar set!Adore the skirt and purse too!

  3. That is the cutest little bar.what a great find.And what a lovely reader fried t share the info to you.Love the bar stools.my hubby loves PBR.xx

  4. I love that skirt and matching purse! I LOVE IT!


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