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Rockin' The Rockabilly Scene

1:24 PMDollie DeVille

There is a new kid on the block, er, new book on the market: Rockin' The Rockabilly Scene. Have you heard about it? Everyone on facebook is talking about it. 

Andrew Shaylor has traveled to various rockabilly weekenders overseas and in the US photographing examples of modern rockabilly culture.He also went to the Sun Records Studio in Memphis Tennessee. This book is full, cover to cover with colorful, full page photos bound in a hardcover. There is some writing: A fantastic forward by Jerry Chatabox. This book is a refreshing take on retro coffee table books because it isn't a book full of posed pinup models, but musicians! There are wonderful photos of The Caezars, Big Sandy, Deke Dickerson, Ashley Kingman, Rockin' Bonnie, Little Esther, Crazy Joe Tritschler, Larry and Lorrie Collins, Bobby Trimble, Miss Ruby Ann, Chris "Sugarballs" Sprague, Sage,  and many WILD records artist. There are also photos of rockabilly music fans, swing dancers, and burlesque beauties. Most of the photos are candid which paints a realistic portrait of the modern rockabilly culture. 

I should also mention, there is a picture of The Rockabilly Socialite, Dollie DeVille!

I was beyond excited to receive the book in the mail and see a magnificent full page photo of myself! 

This book has a permanent place on my coffee table, and it should have one on yours too. The book can be bought at:


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  1. awe... that's a really pretty picture.

  2. That's awesome! Can't wait to check it out!

  3. That's great! And how awesome is it that your picture is facing a page with Crazy Joe?! Too cute.


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