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My B-Day at DiPiazza's

6:35 PMDollie DeVille

Last weekend we went to DiPiazza's in Long Beach for Tom Ingram's show. He had Blue Collar Combo and The Side-Wynders (two bands from this years VLV lineup) playing, burlesque dancing, and a $5 tee shirt sale. We were also celebrating my birthday!

I had never been to DiPizza's before, but it was a cool place! It is a pizzeria and bar that was decorated in cool posters and event flyers. There was a nice big stage and dance floor, making the place perfect for shows.

With burlesque star Kitten DeVille! 
She was there for a burlesque show prior to Tom Ingram's show that night. 

Blue Collar Combo was the first band on for the night. 

With my favorite Australian, Deen Dioria.

Blondes just want to have fun!

Glad to see some dancers cutting a rug to Blue Collar Combo. That cutie in the green dress is a blog reader-yeehaw! 

Me with my Pappy! 

With my well-dressed fiance! This red rose dress was from the lovely Amber Foxx. I love it! 

Between bands there was a great performance by my favorite burlesque dancer, Tara MiSioux!

The girls, relaxing with a cocktail after a hard days work!

Next up was the main event: The SideWynders featuring Shorty Poole on steel guitar and Carlitos Reynoso on washboard. 

This is one good looking crowd! 

Then the SideWynders sang Happy Birthday to me, and Alana presented me with a cake. How sweet!

After eating a ton of cake, I decided to dance it off. 

Then I opened a gift from Alana:

A beautiful, black.....

sweater dress!! 

This will be perfect for this winter! It is very figure flattering also! A big big thanks to Alana! I love that girl!

As I mentioned, there was also a $5 tshirt sale at the event, so I stocked up:

I got this VLV wife beater, perfect for the gym!

I also got this cool halter top. Who knew they were making VLV halter tops now?

I finally got a Rockabilly Rave USA shirt! Once the event was no more, I immediately regretted never buying the shirts. So I was so excited to see Tom had some at this event.This is my new go-to casual tee. It is so soft and curve-hugging!

I also got this Rockabilly Rave USA tank top. 

Thanks to everyone that came out that night to support Tom Ingram's event, the bands, and dancers, and to help me celebrate my birthday! 


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    XoX Sandy

  2. Happy Birthday it looks like a fabulous time was had!!!

  3. I love Deen too, and she's pretty multi-cultural and all, but she's definitely not Austrian. You forgot the "a&l" that would make her Australian. Her accent is varied enough already being an Aussie that lived in New York. Can you imagine if you threw Austria into that mix. It would sound something like an Arnold Schwarzenegger explosion. "G-day mate! I'ma gonna terminate yous wise guys!"

  4. Darn it! The whole time I kept thinking- don't say Austrian, don't say Austrian, don't say Austrian! So I must have messed it up because of that. I meant Austrailian! Der. I need to go fix that now, an I can't do it on this stupid iPhone. Sorry Deen, I'm a terrible friend!


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