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Hawaiian Is So Last Year

12:10 PMDollie DeVille

 Now it is all about Jamaican prints! Okay, not really. Hawaiian is still boss, but I had to think of some fun title  for this post about my new Ruth Clarage Hand Printed Original of Montego Bay! 

This was birthday gift from my fabulous fiance, and is basically my dream set! It is a four piece resort set, that was hand printed in Jamaica and is one of a kind. If that wasn't great enough, it is also DEADSTOCK! Wow!

My fav piece is the playsuit for sure. The fabric is light pink with a hot pink print palm trees, tropical flowers, and pineapples. The straps can be worn the way shown, or halter style if tied behind the neck. There are little shorts with an attached sarong-style tie coverup skirt. 

The bust is beautifully shaped in a sweetheart with a built in bullet bra. I must say, this playsuit looks bangin' on me -very flattering! Whaa hoooo!

The back is still tightly smocked and in perfect condition. 

Then there is a cover-up top. It is sleeveless and buttons up the front with an interesting button pattern (two buttons then a space, then two more buttons, etc). The length is nice and long so it comes just to the bottom of the butt. 

Then there is a pair of high-waist shorts with bloomers attached inside. 

Last but not least is a full cover-up dress! The waist is nipped with a little tie. Too cute!

I didn't get very good close up pics of the tag-sorry! It is very cute with seahorses too! 

Inside it talks about the care of the garment, etc. It also mentions that she sold matching ceramic jewelry. Now I NEED to find the matching jewelry for this! Please contact me if anyone has any info or pics on any Ruth Clarage jewelry.

This set came from the San Diego estate of the late Maria Helen Alvarez Smith. She was a TV pioneer and one of the original investors of the Disneyland Hotel. She was reported as a beautiful brunette who was well traveled, wealthy, and a shopaholic. From what I can tell she also had an affinity for multi-piece matching outfits, as she had at least 3 from the small sampling I saw on etsy. This set was the earliest, most colorful, and the only one with original tags. I am thankful that she had great style and kept her clothing in perfect condition. I would have loved to meet her, as I am sure we would have a lot in common! 

Now this may seem like enough of a gift from Zachary, but he also got me my Viva Las Vegas ticket! So, I bet you can guess where you will be seeing this little gem!  Lets hope Maria Helen Alvarez Smith's spirit helps me win the vintage swimsuit contest next year at the tiki pool party!


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  1. WOW this set is amazing! You'll have to make sure to post pictures of yourself in them all!


  2. What a truly amazing set!!! i can never find such wonderous pieces. Well done to your mister. It's gotta win the contest!!

  3. I almost had a heartattack when I read the title of this post. I was like, "WHHHAAAAT?". Hahahahaha!!! That is a precious set and I can't wait to see it on you in April. I bet you look great in bright pinks.

  4. An amazing set and the print is vary cute!! Miss Dollie I sent you an email =)

  5. you found the holy playsuit grail...


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