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The Dress- Is Anything More Important?

10:36 PMDollie DeVille

I am very relieved that I got such good feedback on my first wedding post. I am so lucky to have such a strong online support group. I hope you all are looking forward to more vintage wedding posts!

So, why not start with a bang?

Before Zack and I got engaged I always told him that I had three wedding musts:

1) A Perfect Ring. This mattered to me more than anything because I plan on wearing it the rest of my life, where the rest of the wedding is well......just a day. I wanted it to be an expression of me. I wanted it to make me feel special. I wanted it to be REAL. I think I deserve it, and I am glad he agrees. I know all brides think this, but I really think I have the prettiest ring I have ever seen! So- CHECK! Mission accomplished! 

2) A Cake. I like not? I want it to be yummy and pretty. It doesn't have to cost a lot. On the contrary- I actually want to make it myself! 

3) A Vintage Dress.  I also like dresses, and dressing up and feeling pretty, so of course I wanted a fun vintage dress to wear. Also hat and gloves are a must. So I thought I would do my first wedding post about just that.....Vintage Wedding Dresses!

At first people might have expected me to wear something like this:

The Grace Kelly dress. 

Of course this gown is gorgeous, but not me. A little to fancy, stuffy, and well, constricting. I want to be able to dance! Also, Princess Kate kind of ruined this for all of the vintage gals out there because now this is no longer know as the Grace Kelly dress, but the Princess Kate dress......and we all know how I feel about looking like a wannabe princess. So, this look it out. 

If I wanted to look like a princess I would wear this dress:

Image Detail
Beautiful right? I saw this dress in person and the tulle is all sparkly-I love that! The sweetheart neck is so pretty too. But, again, not me. I don't know if I could pull this look off. Even though it is based off of 1950s styling, it is still not the same as real vintage!

I am actually thinking less Disney princess and more 1950s high school prom.....

Maybe I am more of an Audrey Hepburn type:

Ah, we are getting closer! I love the length and poofy-ness of this dress. The drop waist is flattering too. This may be a little too 60s for me though. I want to go for more of a 50s look. I know, I know. Most people wouldn't be able to tell the difference-but I can! Or at least I think I can. I can't find a date, but the drop waist, boat neck and bow veil say 60s to me. 

This is a pretty good rip-off of the dress above. Just with added polka dots! Interesting. 
I say - no. Next! 

Now, lace or no lace? 
Hum. Beautiful dress, but I say no lace!

This is a reproduction dress from Vivien of Holloway. 
Very sweet, but I don't think I want a halter neck, and I am pretty dead set on authentic vintage. 

Now, I have no idea who this bride is, but I would love to know! I got this pic from another site talking about 1950s wedding dresses. I think she looks gorgeous and is an inspiration for me. I like the tulle of her dress, and the cute little details. Also, what a cute hat! But, hats are for another post!

So, I think I about narrowed down what I like: White, tea length, poofy, tulle, sweetheart neck, 50s. I already have a dress that fits all of these categories, but I can't show it to you because my fiance is one of my best blog followers! So, you will just have to wait! Sorry! 

But, for the next best thing: A dress that looks eerily like mine! 

This beautiful bride's photo came off of Offbeat Bride. 

She added some red ribbon details to her dress, but before that it was basically a twin to my dress! I don't know about you, but I love it! 

Can't wait to show you all the real deal!


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  1. I looooove all these dress examples. The Audrey Hepburn one reminds me of one of my high school homecoming dresses, only mine was red and less poofy

  2. I looooove all these dress examples. The Audrey Hepburn one reminds me of one of my high school homecoming dresses, only mine was red and less poofy

  3. Love your blog, if it's at all helpful that Audrey Hepburn picture is from Funny Face (1957). Just thought I'd add my two cents as it's my favourite movie. I've no doubt you will be a stunning bride.

  4. Hey Dollie! This is Jamie Blume from facebook! (the girl with the totally pink 50s kitchen) I just wanted to say I love your style in dresses. My fiance Jason and I are tying the knot sept 10th 2011. Im also doing a retro style wedding. but a huge BBQ. Its all out doors n such and we are doing it more with an edge. our wedding colors are black red and leopard print. I have a vintage black and leopard halter dress with a full skirt. I even have 2 petticoats underneath to poof it out because the material is rather heavy. I cant wait to share photos with you. I have the hat and lace gloves and all the glitz. I just wanted to say that your style is stunning and if we didnt live on opposite sides of the US, we could live in this perfect mid century world together and be best friends. You are on truely amazing girl and im so happy that you found someone as awesome as Zack. Its amazing when you can find a partner that is into everything you are and is practically your clone. Congrats!!!

  5. Whatever you choose, I'm sure you will be beautiful :-)

  6. I want to see the ring!! Sorry, I get very carried away when it comes to weddings, romance, that sort of thing :) I totally agree with you about kate ruining the idea of the grace kelly dress, I think she looked beautiful on her wedding day but it's a shame that the grace kelly dress has lost it's iconic status now. I can't wait to see your dress it sounds beautiful, I'm a big fan of tea length dresses if they are paired with good heels. And so of course I can't wait to see your shoes :)

  7. Have you looked into STephanie James? I really love her stuff. I think you may too.

  8. such pretty dresses! i went for tulle instead of lace, too. Tulle's still girly, but less fussy than lace, and much more fun for swishing and twirling :)

  9. The bottom picture of the girl in the wedding dress with tattoos is my friend Patti! :) My bestest friend Nina is getting married and chose a wedding dress from this site
    Figured I'd share in case you were interested.


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