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7:52 PMDollie DeVille

A few weeks ago a friend contacted me and asked if I wanted to shoot with a photographer that was working on his profile. I didn't know the photographer, and hadn't seen much of his work, but I figured-what the hell, why not? I mostly wanted to try a new hair and makeup style. The first few sets were just okay because the lighting was not cooperating, but the outdoor ones are much better. Not really the best way to spend a whole Sunday in my opinion, but at least I got a few good pics out of it. So, what do you think?

Photos by Justin Jones, all unedited. The black dress is from Betty Page Clothing and I found it at Goodwill for $5. I am glad I got some use out of it! The other outfits are vintage. Shoes by Remix Vintage. 


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  1. You always look so pretty! I also can't beleive you found that dress for $5 bucks!

  2. They're great!! You look beautiful. The jumping one is my fave, i think i saw another pic of you jumping beofre and it was a great one also. Hehe, you must suit jumping, i doubt many could look so good mid air :D

  3. Are you on a bridge? Anyhoo, your hair looks pretty like that. Wow, a BP dress for five bucks? Cool!Btw, the Marilyn Monroe shot (jumping in the air) is my fave. :)

    XoX Sandra

  4. Gorgeous! I especially like the 3rd picture and pose.

  5. Cute! My favourite is the second to last photo
    x Molly

  6. You look gorgeous.Love that dress and sexy shoes.x


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