Viva Las Vegas weekender

Is It Too Early To Start Talking About VLV Again?

8:42 PMDollie DeVille

I sure don't think so! In case you didn't hear.....Tom leaked some of the bands he has booked so far and it is looking very promising: 

Big 6 - Si Cranstoun - Space Cadets -Restless - Jive Aces - Voola and TheJayhawks

Jack Baymoore & The Bandits - Orbitunes

Shookups, Hula Girls,Sdewynders, Blue Collar Combo, Ruby Dee &Snakehandlers, WesternStarlanders, Atomic Drifters, Crazy Rocket Fuel.

Great so far right? I am happy to see my newest obsession JD McPherson on the list! I am so excited to see him live and determine if he will become one of my next "boyfriend who just doesn't know it yet". There are also some friends on the list like Big Sandy and The SideWynders! And possibly the most fiance is on the list! His band Blue Collar Combo nabbed a great slot on the lineup and I am sooooo happy for them!

Viva Las Vegas is shaping up pretty well for me so far. I have all of my outfits already, minus one fantastic swimsuit/playsuit for the pool party. I have my eye on a few Shaheens and am dropping hints for the man to buy one of them for me for my birthday next month. Wish me luck! 

Also, I am planning my bachelorette party for one night during VLV, and am hoping that some of my readers would like to help me celebrate! Mostly it will involve drinking, standing in the front row, and screaming "take off your pants!" to the band. So, let me know if you want to be involved in this Pants Off Dance Off. 


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  1. I am soooo excited about the line up so far. Every year I say I'm gonna take a year off Viva, but end up going anyways. I've already got my room booked and ticket. Yay! I'd be happy to help you celebrate at your bachelorette party. You had me at drinking and yelling at people to take their pants off!

  2. Eeeeeeeeeee!!! I booked our room a few weeks ago, and was literally jumping on the bed with excitement!
    I am SOOO happy to see JD on the line up. I just can't get enough of his new record. AMAZING!
    Viva is out belated honeymoon, so I will come and meet you for a drink or seven Dollie :-P
    x Molly

  3. It is never to early to talk VLV.I cant wait for the next one.xx

  4. Never too early! I am addicted to news about the coming year

    -and well PJ party / bachelorette I will keep my eye out for you :)

  5. I've never been to VLV but I'm thinking of pinching my pennies to go. I'm surprised people are already getting their stuff together for then, wow!


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