Modeling Viva Las Vegas

I'm In Vintage Life Magazine's July Issue!

7:39 PMDollie DeVille

I forgot to mention that! How, I don't know. I guess I have been too busy crafting, entertaining, etc. 
Anywho, here it is:

That's Zack and I in the bottom right corner!

The pictures and article are from the fabulous Lisa Fremont Street's Viva Las Vegas coverage. I had never read Vintage Life magazine before, as it is a UK based mag, but once she told me I was in this issue I knew I had to get it! I wanted a paper copy, but could only get this issue with a year subscription, at the tune of $100+ after the conversion rate. Luckily, they have a digital download option at a much more reasonable rate. They also have an app for the iphone so I can read on the go (and in the bathtub!). After downloading the magazine I started with the first issue and read it cover to cover. I must say, this is HANDS DOWN the best magazine I have ever read in my whole life! At least in the respect that every single picture and article is about something I am interested in. Most magazines have a few things I like, but really, with this magazine every page is a knock out! The articles themselves are so well written too, not like the crappy rockabilly car kulture mags we have here in the states. So, do yourself a favor and download a subscription today! 


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  1. what wonderful news!! I'm going to download this today!!

  2. Your famous!!! always pretty!!! :D

  3. I spotted you! I'm in it too - Pg 28-30 is the behind the scenes shoot on my photoshoot for Dolly Cool :)

  4. My sweetheart and I were also featured in a photo accompanying this article (although my hair looked terrible, as opposed to yours)! I wrote a very similar blog post:

    Reading your post just now inspired me to pull out my copy of the magazine and I've just seen your photo! :)


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