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Final Score: Dollie-1 JoAnn-0

10:42 PMDollie DeVille

I have not been blogging as often as I should because I have been using the long summer days to get some fresh air, exercise, and work on some crafting projects. Most recently I have been spending all weekend cooking huge breakfasts in the mornings, then riding the caffeine buz with sewing sewing sewing!

I have been working on something I like to call my Epic Sewing Adventure of 2011. It sounds very futuristic, but it is just a very adventurous vintage pattern. It is my first try at a 3 piece playsuit, and it took me sooooo long! It is finally complete except for the fact that I ran out of coconut buttons and am waiting for JoAnn's to get more in. 

So, in the mean time I needed another project, and decided that I needed to stock up on some new patterns. Since I just finished that complicated vintage pattern I was looking for something a little simpler, and decided on Butterick Retro reissue patterns. I bought one, a super cute 40s dress. Then I went to the best fabric store I know, Lincoln Fabrics, to try and find a vintage fabric for the pattern I picked out. I didn't have any luck though, sadly. So, the pattern didn't get made that weekend. But, when I was picking out my pattern at JoAnn's I got a flyer and noticed that a week later all Butterick patterns were going on sale for $1.99 (normally $16.99+). So, I decided to return that pattern before the sale started, then once the sale started I went back and got 11 patterns for only $5 more! I also got some fabric at 50% off and walked out of the store with a $120 savings! Dollie-1, JoAnn's-0. I love a good deal!

So you want to see which I got? 
Loosely in order of least fav to fav: 

I like that the top left one has an option for a little "tail" thing in the back. Cute!
I like the short option of the top right pattern. I don't see myself making any long gowns. 
This pattern on the bottom left is the one I just made. I had made it a year or two ago, but it was made for my old size, and I wanted to make another one in a smaller size. 
The last pattern is just a cute apron-I don't need a pattern to make an apron, but for $1.99 why not take the guess work out? 

This top left pattern has an option for a button or bow in the back. I adore it!

These are my 4 favorite:
Top left is a beautiful 40s evening dress.
The top right is a super cute little sun dress with fun V neck detail.
Bottom left is another long 40s dress with beautiful contrasting fabric bib with ruffles.
The bottom right is another 40s sun dress with 2 options. 

Aren't these just the greatest? And so easy to use compared to vintage patterns!  Now if I could just find some fabric I actually like and that suit the patterns!


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  1. What a score!

    I made my prom dress years ago out of the butterick 6582 pattern and a few since, it's a great one!

  2. I made a dress out of 5214. It's a really cute pattern!


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