A Few Recent Purchases

6:10 PMDollie DeVille

 Just a quick post to share some recent vintage purchases with you. I know I am not supposed to be shopping, but I can't pass up a good deal! 

The first two are from a repair lot I won on ebay for only $11!

This dress just needed a hem repair and repair at a few other seems. 

It is a yellow and blue hounds tooth print, with a front hidden zipper. 
It is soooo comfy! 

This dress is a pink lace illusion dress. Not that I needed another (this is my 4th), but I wanted that other dress, and for $11 why not? 

It just needs some repair of the lace on the left shoulder. The lace is backed, so it is fully wearable even in the current condition. It just needs some repairs and a good washing and pressing. 

I got this beautiful beaded cashmere sweater for only $6!

I finally got my first Pyrex! It is nothing special, but is a very usable casserole dish that I got for $3. 

This is definitively my best recent purchase. It is a shadow box that I had seen in palm springs for over $100, and I got it for only $23! What a steal! The person selling it called it a "mirror display". Good thing they didn't know the magic words Shadow Box, or else they would have seen that they sell for a lot more in this area. 

Did you notice my vintage cake toppers? Yes, I really need to catch you all up on my wedding plans! Soon, I promise.


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