4th Street Purchases

9:44 PMDollie DeVille

 The weekend after I did that post about shopping on 4th street I suddenly had the urge to go shopping on 4th street! What a surprise, right? I didn't have much to spend, but I still got a few things.

Or course we had to stop at Lola's for lunch. I had the best tacos of my life! They had some sweet delicious beef in them-amazing! 


One of our stops was Liberty and we happened to meet the owner while there. She was so nice and recognized me from my little blog here. Liberty has a lot of vintage and repro stuff. I found this super cute little Chinese pant set hanging on the wall and had to see it up close. It is so soft and pretty, but I have to go back for it though, because I had already spent my $$$ on some other purchases which we will see in a moment. Hopefully it will still be there. I wanted it for the VLV PJ party I and a few others are trying to put together. I think this is very PJ-ish, right? 

Besides housing vintage, Liberty is also the home of Big Ed's Records and now carries VLV merch. So, we got these two CDs:

Left: Another Record Hop Madness. Right: Hollywood Barn Dance by The Dave and Deke Combo. This CD is soooo hard to find, this was the first copy we have ever seen in a store! We have it on vinyl, but wanted it on CD too. So happy we found it!

We also got the VLV 13 DVD. We want to start collecting all of the years we have been so that we can watch them the weeks leading up to Viva to "get in the mood". Bow-chica-wow-wow! 

Here is a skirt I got from Meow. And Meow is right..... 

Lurex baby, lurex! Is it gold, copper, pink....I don't know, but I like it! I spotted this from across the room and was so excited, and knew I had to have it for VLV! Vegas and Lurex go together like PB&J! 

Once I saw this beautiful tag, it was a done deal, even at a high price. It is in perfect condition, even the tag. As a California girl, I will pay extra for vintage from CA. Hollywood-can't get more glamorous than that! Oh, and that diamond just "snuck" into the pic. :) 

here is the lining- such a beautiful color! 

I also got this gold beaded evening dress from Sneaky Tiki. It is a little big in the waist, so I have to see if my secret weapon seamstress can take it in.   

The back has a deep V. 

Close up of the beading pattern. 

I have had this hat forever-do you think it will match? If I decide to wear this dress to VLV I want to get a hat and gloves to match it. Maybe black accessories would be better. I have to wear a hat and gloves at least ONE day, right? Next year at VLV I will be wearing mostly Hawaiian, but I want to plan to wear at least one cocktail dress. 

So, those were my few 4th Street in Long Beach purchases. See what could have been yours if you beat me there? 


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  1. I'm not a gold & glitter gal, but that Lurex skirt is just amazing! :)

  2. I have the biggest crush on gold lame at the moment, but I just can't seem to find anything in my size :( all your purchases are too cute! I am already planning my outfits for Viva! Only about 260 days to go ;)
    x Molly

  3. That lurex skirt is adorable.The color is so pretty.You must share photos in it.xx

  4. I am in love with that dress!

  5. You have the best luck in shopping! That lurex skirt is to die for and I definitely think you should go back for the Chinese-style pj's.

    IMHO, I think the last dress would look best with black accessories. The lace hat is lovely, but I don't know if that would clash with the beaded pattern. I think I'd do a black velvety little hat and maybe bracelet-length black gloves. If you can swing it, a light colored lucite purse would look awesome.

  6. Yay! My friends own Lola's and I agree the food is some of the best around! Looks like you had a great day!

  7. ohmygosh, that skirt is sooo pretty! the colors and sparkle are just incredible. i wish i was a chemical-scientist-inventor-person because i'd create a nail polish exactly like that!


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