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4th of July at The Redwood

10:02 PMDollie DeVille

This is terrible, but I never shared with you all what I did on the 4th of July! I figured I must do this before it becomes August! The saddest part is that it really was a fun day and I have really been meaning to post about it. So here we go...

On 4th of July we went to The Redwood for Brunch Americana. There was a fantastic line-up set to celebrate independence day: The Side-Wynders, Chris "Sugarballs" Sprague and His 18 Wheelers, and the Dave and Deke Combo. 

The Side-Wynders were the opening band. They had Carlitos on washboard for the show-extra special! It has been too long since I last saw them (since their bass player moved to Las Vegas), so this was a real treat. 

There is always some dancing going on. 

A nice pic with Dave and Deke! 

One nice pic is about all we can handle before we start taking silly pictures. 
I wore the deadstock red and white gingham shorts set I bought at VLV. 
I was going for the all-American hillbilly look. It seemed suitable for a Dave and Deke show. 

Alana and I! I did a half victory roll, half poodle 'do. 

Next up was Chris "Sugarballs" Sprague and his 18 Wheelers, featuring Deke Dickerson on bass filling in for Bobby Cavener who was still in Europe after playing the Rave with his lovely wife Amber Foxx. 

It wouldn't be a Sugarballs show without a dance off!!!

Our dance offs get pretty heated. 

Yeah, he owned her. 

That is, until Big Sandy's Mom joined the contest! She killed it!

Yes, this really happened: Sugarballs and Big Sandy's Mom. Yes, this is how we roll in Down Town LA. 

Because Sugarballs got upstaged we decided to hang him upside down as a form of public humiliation.

Next up was the main event: The Dave and Deke Combo!!! No one was surprised that they showed up in some silly costumes. 

Have you ever seen a couple of cuter hillbillies? 

Dave and Deke did have one surprise in store. They printed a list of every song they have ever done-about 90-and let people randomly yell out numbers for them to play. It might have just been a way around making a set list, but in my opinion it was genious! I loved hearing all of those old rare Dave and Deke songs. This may have been the only time you will hear them play these songs, so if you were not there you really missed out! My personal favorites were: "Morse Code" and "Lend Me Your Comb". What a rare treat indeed! 

Then Big Sandy came up on stage and choked a chicken!
He sang a song up there too, my personal favorite: "Jumpin' from 6 to 6". 

So, as you can tell, it was an epic 4th of July. I am truly lucky to have so much great talent in my neck of the woods!  I hope you all had a safe and wonderful Independence Day! 

We are sealing this post with a kiss!


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