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Ronnie Mack's Barn Dance

5:06 PMDollie DeVille

The day after the Redwood we went to Ronnie Mack's Barn Dance at Joe's. We have been to Joe's many times before, but never for Ronnie Mack's Barn Dance. We wanted to go to see Dave "Pappy" Stuckey in The Hi-Lo Playboys and Lil' Mo and The Dynaflos. The bands were great, but the crowd was different then we were expecting. First off, the place was PACKED. Which is rare for a Monday night show. Most of the people were older and sitting down, so they got mad if you were standing up in front of them and blocking their view of the band. Multiple times I had a grumpy person tap me on the shoulder and ask me to move. Which was frustrating because with so many people in the room, it was impossible not to be in someones way at any point. Basically, I never knew where to stand and had to keep moving. I also couldn't be on the dance floor because there were some serious lindy hop dancers there that weren't keen on sharing the floor with some rockabilly jivers. I am not kidding either. They will give you some nasty looks! They are so serious that I saw people stretching in the back of the room before they went on the dance floor! So, me and my girls just found a little corner between the front door and the pool table and had a few drinks. 

With Deen and Sally Jo. 
I wore my new 2 piece squaw dress I got at Viva Las Vegas. 

Zack with Pappy. 

The stage, the sitters, and the dancers. No room for lil 'ol me anywhere in there? Apparently not!

The Hi-Lo Playboys!

Lil' Mo

I did get a few pics before I got yelled at. 

One pic with Zack and I.

I guess it was a pretty good time for a Monday. I still prefer Happy Feet Mondays over the Barn Dance Mondays, but overall, I am just happy something is going on on a Monday!


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  1. Ooh Lucky! I just missed seeing Lil Mo and the Dynaflos about a week ago.


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