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8:52 PMDollie DeVille

I thought I would share a collection of photos of things I have recently purchased. 
But first, I project I finished:

I took some leftover paint from the kitchen cabinets and pained this teal ameoba shape behind the shadow box above the couch. I love it! It it a big statement that was free and only took and hour or so! Thanks again to Ellen for the lovely shadow box!

This blonde magazine holder was a gift from Ms. Sandra Sprague. I really like it! 

I also bought a few things off of Sandra:

A new gold bench for my dressing room!

This picnic basket and dish set!

I have been trying not to buy stuff, but I couldn't resist buying these things at at 75% off booth sale at the antique mall:

little fish salt and pepper shakers

Right now they are just sitting on a shelf in the kitchen next to a lady head vase and creamer. 

I got this Costco stepping stool which I really needed. It is white cracked ice vinyl and copper. 
Now I can reach the top shelf! 

I got these little vintage linens for .25 each! 

I also got a steal on this atomic gold confetti glitter fiberglass chip and dip bowl-$4! Can you believe that I passed it up because I really hated the butterflies? Then I realized my error and went back for it. You can't see the butterflies (they are real by the way) when the dish is full. I mean, it was only $4!!!

I also got this little crush-o-matic ice crusher for $4. 

Now, I know that you are thinking. No, I am not pregnant (thank goodness). But this deadstock vintage bottle warmer was a steal so I couldn't pass it up! I am just going to store it until the time comes. I got some vintage glass bottles to go with it at only $1.50 each! 

Next is the stuff that I got at the Johnny Cash Music Festival:

These tops were gifted to me by the Blasters. Thanks guys! 

In retrospect, I shouldn't have bought this sweater. I am supposed to be saving for a wedding remember? I tried to talk them down from $34.99 with no luck. Can you believe this was even the cheapest sweater they had? But I don't have any floral print sweaters, and nothing in purple besides a pair of vintage heels that will match this perfectly...... See, I had to buy it! 

Maybe I paid too much for that sweater, but I made it up with this playsuit purchase! It is in perfect condition, and super flattering on, and I got it for only $5!!! Yup! Possibly one of my best purchases ever!

Now, this next dress is a heart breaker. I tried really hard not to buy it, but it kept calling my name! So, I decided to buy it, but plan to save it for next Viva. 

Isn't it amazing? It is a mustard yellow dress with novelty atomic print.

Those are ships in a bottles and NSEW markers!  

It also has the original belt with all of its rhinestones!

This is possibly my favorite part- the ties at the shoulder match the belt!

Now you can see why I couldn't turn down this dress! It looks fan-freakin'-tastic on too! I think it was a good buy at only $75. 


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  1. hey dollie
    that last dress is fabulous! x

  2. Love all your purchases! And I agree that the dress is absolutely wonderful! I love the salt and pepper shaker as well.

  3. Oh my gosh that last dress is to die for! Ships in bottles, oh my, I love it!
    What lovely, lovely finds.

  4. wowzers!! You got some great items at great prices!!! i love what you did with the shadow box!! it looks really great with the amoeba shape behind it too!! I have a Costco stepping stool just like yours.. but, yours looks to be in better condition.. they are so handy!! AAAANNNNND!!! I got to meet Deke this weekend!!! I didn't get to even see him at Viva because i was studying :( lol.. which paid off.. don't remember if i told you but, i got an A on that final. gosh, Deke and Sugarballs probably think i'm a HUGE dork because Jorge told Deke that I have a crush on him!! lol.. i just love his voice and love his music.. hope you had a great weekend!!!

  5. The glass bottles are super cute, beware though, I used them for my daughter and you can put anything cold in the warmer or the bottles will crack and break. I had it happen a couple of times.

  6. Great finds!! Esp...the dress! I wish I had your waist and I'd wear more dresses too!! Middle aged spread, ya know!

  7. Great Stuff. I finally got around to posting the Picnic-Ware i found at the Spring Brimfield Flea Market.
    I've got a bit of a collection of picnic jugs & coolers, too.


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