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The Johnny Cash Music Festival

4:56 PMDollie DeVille

Last Saturday we headed to the Ventura County Fairgrounds where the Johnny Cash Music Festival was taking place. There was a great lineup for this event: X, The Blasters, Lee Rocker, Levi Dexter, Hayden Thompson and Deke Dickerson and The Eccophonics. Each band played a little Johnny Cash and a little of their own music. The tickets were a little pricey at $25 but worth it for a lineup like that. Luckily, we were there to see our good friends Deke Dickerson, Chris "Sugarballs" Sprague, and Crazy Joe Tritshler, and our good friend Karen Mamont, so we got the VIP hookup. 

Deke, Crazy Joe, Me, and Sugarballs. 

The boys congratulating Zack on our recent engagement.

To show my appreciation to our friends that got us on the guest list for the event, I made some delicious multi-grain blueberry coffee cake. It was early for us after all, so breakfast and coffee were in order. 

This is DJ Rockin' Vic modeling my coffee cake at the DJ booth. 

We missed the first two bands of the afternoon because we were vegging out backstage drinking coffee and bullshitting. But, Deke Dickerson and the Eccophonics were on next and we wanted to get a front row "seat".

Deke Dickerson and The Eccophonics

Karen and I watching the band. 

That's a big camera for such a little guy. This little guy in the sun records tee asked to take my picture, but I wanted his picture! He was soooo adorable. I wanted to steal him and make him my own son!

Crazy Joe and Sugarballs having a moment.

Zack helped lift Sugarballs during the event, and the crowd went wild! 
They all ran up to the stage to take a picture. 

Did I mention they had all you can drink free beer backstage?
That is how I got myself entered into that pinup contest last time we were here for Ventura Nationals!

Cara and Sally Jo got there just in time to see the band play!

Crazy Joe on Deke's shoulders

With the girls!

I didn't know Crazy Joe could play stand up bass! What can't this band do? 

Playin' double neck. 

As you can clearly tell, Deke Dickerson and the Eccophonics kicked ass! But we have come to expect that I suppose. It was great to hear him play some Johnny Cash songs that he doesn't really play, like Blistered, Luther Played The Boogie, and Doin' Time. Kudos to The Johnny Cash Music Festival for booking such a great band! 

Next up was Sun Records legend, Hayden Thompson backed by WILD records artists. 

Hayden Thompson still has it, that's for sure! He put on a great show! He still had a ton of energy, a beautiful voice, and some stage presence.  

Next up was Levi Dexter! He had some great energy and had the little dance floor packed. 

Then they had the pinup contest, judged by Bernie Dexter and MC'd by Deke Dickerson. 

During the contest I was back stage with Crazy Joe. He was teaching me schematics!

Zack, Cara, Sugarballs, Sally Jo, Crazy Joe, and Me!

Next on stage was Lee Rocker! I had a great view from backstage. 

Some pretty girls! 

Bernie Dexter and I. she was such a sweetheart!

The Johnny Cash Music Festival was way better then I was expecting. The free parking, entrance, food and booze didn't hurt either! Also, I did some shopping at the vintage vendors, and got some great new threads which I will share in another post. Thanks to all of the bands, DJ Rockin' Vic, and Karen Mamont for the great time!


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