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Blue Collar Combo at The Whale's Tale

3:44 PMDollie DeVille

While I was at Jordan's baby shower in Orange County, Zack was playing with his band at a Car Show. Afterwards we both met up at home and headed to Ventura where Blue Collar Combo was playing at The Whale's Tale. I had never been to this location before but it was pretty cool. It was at a bar on top of a fish restaurant overlooking the water. It might have been romantic if it wasn't for the odd crowd and the horrid smell of fish. I guess the fish smell is to be expected given the location, but someone had mentioned that it may have been coming from all of the skanky girls there. Really, someone said that!! I guess it wasn't that far off base though, as the highlight of the night was a girl repeatedly flashing the crowd, and a "burlesque" dancer giving multiple lap dances. Yes, all of that really happened.  

Blue Collar Combo was good though, even if a little traditional for the mostly non-rockabilly crowd. All of the other bands were more punk so I don't really know how these boys fit on the bill period. I got a lot of funny looks from the crowd too. That is when I noticed I was the only person there in vintage! I also got a "I could never pull that off" comment on my high-waist jeans from a low-rise jean wearer.  I think that high-waist jeans would have looked good on her though, as they eliminate that love handle and muffin top issue created by low-rise jeans. Just my two cents. 

Needless to say, I enjoyed the Blue Collar Combo show, but was ready to go the minute they were done playing, and I can't say I am eager to go back too soon. 


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