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VLV Wrap Up: Thursday

7:52 AMDollie DeVille

The view from our room at day time

Room bar!

Lunch at the cafe!

Thursday was the official start of Viva Las Vegas. We always start the party off right by attending Sweet Pea’s Annual Hooch and Smooch. This year the meet and greet party was even bigger because it had been moved upstairs into the Bienville room. This was a great change because it got rid of the line problem, the crowding problem, and the no dance floor problem. I always wear one of my favorite outfits of the weekend on this day because I know a lot more people will actually see it because it is not as crowded on Thursday afternoon. So, this year I wore my “new to me” vintage crop top and skirt set in yellow novelty print that I got from Sneaky Tiki in Long Beach CA. I paired it with my new green remix wedges, green rattan purse and green bakelite accessories. I did Zachary’s favorite hair ‘do, the Betty Grable, with a bow or course. I actually had readers coming up to me asking me if this was the infamous Betty Grable ‘do! I love you gals!

Zachary and I

With Holly, of Temperamental Broad!

Sweet Pea had a great line up for the show, including The Buzzards from New York, Mad Dog and The Smokin' J's, Atomic Drifters, The Rocketz, Lazy Boys from Germany, and Blue Collar Combo! All of the bands played a 30 minute set, with a very small break in between bands for setting up. I loved seeing Blue Collar Combo of course, as my fiancée is in the band. They really got the crowd going and everyone loved them. During their set I got to do my first jive, bop and stroll of Viva, so I was a happy camper.

The sharp boys from Blue Collar Combo!
L to R: Zachary, Brandon and Travis. 
Not pictured: Ronnie

Mad Dog and The Smokin' J's

a little gogo anyone?

Sweetpea- The hostess with the mostess!

Lazy Boys were great, so we bought their cd. 

With two fantastic friends, Ellen and Jorge!

With a reader and new friend Dani Walbrugh of Scotland.
She got married at VLV to Mark Allan, congrats!

With Eric Reedy of the B Stars

See girls, making friends in the bathroom pays off!
That is were I met the lovely Pia Anderson of Sidney Australia! 
I loved her dress, so I told her so. We struck up a conversation,
traded cards, and now keep in touch via facebook.
I walk the walk with my socialite tips ladies!

Finally......Blue Collar Combo!!!

Big crowd for their show!

Watching the show with Robert and Elaine

Thats my boy, bringing home the bacon!

After their set I congratulated them on a fantastic job, and hit the vendors right as they opened. I did some serious damage in just a few hours, and pretty much completed all of my shopping for the weekend. It was a good decision to go right when they opened, because I was able to snag some things that I know would have been gone if I waited any longer. I hit Boss Vintage of Denver Colorado first and got a few two piece squaw sets and shorts and top sets. Then I went to Sneaky Tiki and got a Kamehameha Hawaiian novelty print dress (squeal!!!) and a Mexican novelty print dress (no tag, poop). Then I went to Donna Land Vintage and saw an amazing 3 piece shorts, crop top and skirt set in a pink silk with white flowers. It is to die for, but was an inch too small in the waist on the shorts, but, I bought it anyway! I will make it fit by next Viva by either dieting, or getting it taken out (the more likely option). While there I also got a huge orange bakelite bangle and my new favorite cotton tee- a rooster novelty print! I was on cloud nine after all of that euphoric vintage shopping, as was Zachary after his knock-em-dead performance. I will do a post with all of my scores in about a week or so. It took me over two hours just to photograph it all!

After that I changed into my night time party outfit: gold lame cigarette pants, a black halter top and Remix pollys. How could you not want to dance in an outfit like this? So after a quick dinner at the Mexican food joint in the hotel, we went up stairs to dance dance dance!

Lookin' schnazy with Tom Plante!

With Kim of The Kim Show!

The ballroom

With my honey bunny. 

Room party in 1952!!!

Feel free to take your shoes off!

Or to jump on the bed!

The Modern Don Juans

This is the first time I saw them, and they were great!

This is about the time when I retired my purse and the camera to the room, so I can be as free as a bird to dance, dance, dance! We saw the rest of the bands that night and danced until the ballroom closed. Then we went down stairs to The Big Easy room for the all night record hop. We ended the day in the same place it started, the 24 hour cafe. Then we crashed after the sun was already coming up, about 6am!


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  1. Nice Pix Hunn Love the two piece outfit :) Hope to spendmore time wit u next year :) we only saw wee bit of eachother :( xoxoxoxo

  2. Ellen and Jorge are so cute! That is what I missed most about VLV this year, no Garcias. :(

  3. Ellen and Jorge!!! Seeing them this year was a highlight for me. Last year, we met them at the Neon Boneyard, they were total sweethearts and offered us a lift back to the Orleans with them. We stopped at the In and Out Burger ( A first time for us Canadians!) and ran into them again at the carshow. We lost touch over the year, and Ellen found me again this year at Viva,and asked for my contact info.. I was overjoyed! We thought about them and their kindness since last Viva and tried to find them online! Two of the sweetest people I have ever had the pleasure to meet:)

  4. I am overwhelmed with the incredible people and friendships due to the rockabilly community!! Viva was a blast but, i missed my dear friends, Nicole and Rob :(. It was REALLY great to run into you, Miss Lenora! bummed that i didn't see Miss Eddie but, glad to find you both on fb!! And Miss Dollie, thanks for including us in your lovely blog!! <3 til next year friends!

  5. The Lazy Boys have been very happy that you bought a CD and like to send greetings from Germany now!


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