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VLV Wrap Up: Sunday

11:23 PMDollie DeVille

On Sunday we slept in, grabbed lunch and a cocktail, and headed to the pool.

I wore a deadstock tiki print two piece suit that I got at VLV last year. 
I paired it with a red wide brimmed hat and red swede and wooden heel wedges. 

Everyone relaxing by the pool

Looks nice!

Frannie and I

Kyle always has the best pool outfits. This year it was a pink flamingo hat!

Zack and Sally Jo

 I was looking forward to sitting by the pool and sipping a cocktail for the remainder of the afternoon, but instead I ended up entering the vintage bathingsuit contest! I had heard about it via facebook a few weeks prior, and I knew the prizes were really good, so I was considering it. I was hesitant though, because I never win anything like this. Then Mary from Vintage Swimsuits by Mary (the sponsor of the contest) came by to talk to me and Frannie about our suits and ask us if we wanted to enter, so we decided to do it. There were a lot of girls initially, and then they were narrowed down to 20. Franny and I both got in the top twenty. I was sad to see that my friend Lola Devlin did not get in the top 20, because I felt her suit was much better than mine, and I had pegged her to be the winner!

Thats me on stage!

The contest was fairly easy. All we had to do was walk across the stage and show off our suit. We didn't have to dance, do a talent, or get crowd applause. We did have to answer one question, but it was an easy one: "How often do you wear vintage?" Most girls said all the time. I didn't because that would be a lie. I do wear modern pieces to work mixed with vintage, and I also don't wear vintage to the gym or to sleep in. So, I said: "I wear vintage as much as possible. I actually have a whole room in my house dedicated to storing my vintage clothes!" I think that went over well with the judges, at least it did with Lisa Love, who I was told also has a dressing room to store her vintage clothes. My friends in the crowd were so good to me, hooting and hollering. Sandra Sprague even went above and beyond and made signs with my name on it for her and Alana to hold up during the contest. I love my girls!!!

After the top 20 went, they narrowed it down to the top three. I never thought I would be in the top 3 because there were a lot of great suits, including a beautiful gold lame suit with flowers and rhinestones on it. So you can imagine my surprise when they called me in the top three!! I couldn't believe it! I never make it in the top three for anything!

On stage with the top three. 

Don't I look surprised! 

Then they called third place, and I was sure it was me, and it wasn't! 

Then it was down to just two, Stephanie Weber of Minneapolis and I. I met Stephanie earlier in the weekend, and she was a sweetheart. It was nice to be able to talk to her during this contest. It was her first viva, but every time I saw her during the weekend she looked so fabulous and put together, and I knew her winning this contest would be the icing on the cake. So, I really wanted her to win, and I believe that is what I was telling her in this photo.  

So, they announced it and I got second place! I was so happy! I really never win anything, so I never ever thought I would place this high in the contest! I was really really happy for Stephanie, especially because she had a great experience at her first VLV. 

I got a beautiful hand painted serving tray that said Vintage Swim Suit Beauty, 2nd Place and these photos taken by Painted Pinups. I also got a $75 gift card to a vintage clothing store in Vegas, a year subscription to Bachelor Pad Mag, a Gretsch tee, a cute apron, little hair bow, stickers, and two hand painted wooden bangles!!! Wow. All of that for 2nd place??? First place got two tickets to VLV next year, a Gretsch guitar, and a playsuit from Vintage Suits by Mary on top of all of that other stuff. Not too shabby for a swimsuit contest!

I think I was just most happy to have friends like Sandra who would go through so much trouble to make these signs. Who else had signs? No one! Just me. I must be loved. 

I was sooooo pooped after all that fun in the sun, but I didn't have time to relax because I had to go catch my friends band in the pub: Roy Rapid!!!

I have talked about them before, but one more time won't hurt. 
They are a group of young boys from San Diego, CA. 
 They have had a lot of success come to them quickly because they are very talented, and super nice boys to boot. I heard a lot of people over the weekend talking about there show.

While I was there, I ran into Holly, the Temperamental Broad.
She loves Roy Rapid too! After watching them we ran upstairs to see the jive contest.

There they are, jiving away!

Top 6 couples....

Top 4.....

And the winners were:

The couple from the UK! They always compete every year, but never seem to get first place.So I was happy for them to win this year. Everyone was great this year, so I imagine they had a hard time picking. I know my personal favs were T Bone with his partner and Franny and her partner. There were also two other couples I really liked, but didn't know there names. Congrats to everyone who entered, as they were all amazing. I was also happy to hear that they got cash prizes this year!

With Sally Jo, Cara and I. 

Me, Alana and Deen.
We all decided to go formal on Sunday night.

For my Easter Sunday outfit I wore my blue1961 prom dress with daisy pillbox hat, gloves and remix wedges. I had some vintage heels to wear with this dress, but my feet were dying from wearing those high wedges at the pool party. After a little more shopping I went to go see some bands.

The amazing and beautiful Kim Lenz!

Her skirt was to die for! It had 3-D cowgirls and cowboys swing dancing on it. I need one of these now!!

If Deen and I were not matching enough already, we both bought huge Mexican straw bags from Boss Vintage! We are looking pretty gangster. 

I really love Pia Anderson!

After the show Alana helped Kim sell some albums. Like she needs help! Pssshhh.

Matching yet again, with double fist cocktails. 

Everyone loved Young Jesse. His song "I Smell A Rat" was a big hit. 

The legends house band

I wanted to dance, so I changed into a sharkskin skirt and black strapless top. 

Smoky pic, but still pretty!

The last band on for the night was Jittery Jack, and boy, did he put on a show! He has great showmanship for sure. At the end of the set Deke said the magic phrase: Pants Off Dance Off! And wouldn't you believe it.. 

He took his pants off!

He even mooned the audience! It was an amazing end to the weekend!

Then we went to the other room to see my friend Lucky La Rocka DJ.

This was the last picture of VIVA!!!!!

I was sad to see it end, but it had to end sometime! We danced til about 6am and then hit the hay to be ready to check out of the hotel at 12pm. 



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  1. You looked amazing in that tiki swimsuit!!!!! xx.L

  2. Congrats on the swim suit contest! You looked amazing!

    I'm glad you had more fun this year than I did. Next year will be better, I'm sure. Most years for me are fantastic but every now and then I have an off year. Oh well. I still had fun and it was great to hang out with you!!

  3. Me and my sinful ways, staying up all night EVERY night made me miss all the daytime activities! So glad you won second, but honestly, I liked your suit better and would have placed you FIRST!!! Congrats!

  4. Congrats on the swimsuit contest :) I'm glad you had a blast at Viva. You looked lovely as always; thanks for sharing your pics with us. :)

    XoX Sandy

  5. Your swimsuit looked beautiful kitten. Looks like you had a great time :D xx

  6. Great suit! Check the background picture in the one where you are turning to the camera. The guy in the pool has his jaw on the ground, haha!

  7. Conratulations on coming second! How lovely and gorgeous is Pia?! She is a friend of a friend and I met her on a photoshoot once. She is such a doll and very sweet too.
    Thanks for sharing your Viva posts, it makes me so excited to come over next year!
    x Molly

  8. COngrats on 2nd place!! love the swimsuit it was gorgeous!! and also thanks for all the pictures from vlv, i was livivng through them..(didnt get to go this year) =)

  9. So cool that you got second place in the contest. I love your suit. But that prom looking dress is DA BOMB. LOVE IT!!!! and the color looks great on you.


  10. Congratulations on the Swimsuit contest, Miss Dollie! There was some pretty stiff competition - I couldn't believe how many beautiful outfits were there and how gorgeous all the girls looked! I must say you looked lovely every time I saw you over the weekend! And by another weird 6 degrees, Pia is a friend of mine as well! I wish I was back at Viva right now.......

  11. woooohoooooo! Wow miss look fab!!! I loved the hat with your adorable suit...what a wonderful life moment your face was so happy you looked amazing!

    What a sweetie you are and i was excited to meet you...Thanks for all the sunday photos...I missed Kim lendz which i was sad to do so...& thanks for the great photos of the jive contest as well we left a bit earlier than we had liked this year...hey but there is always next said it....Viva Baby!!!!!!!


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