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VLV Wrap Up: Saturday

11:00 PMDollie DeVille

 On Saturday we got up about 12pm, got ready, and then headed down stairs to have a quick lunch in the food court. 
I wore an Alfred Shaheen playsuit with matching tea timer, remix wedges, and bakelite accessories.

Amber, Me and Lola Devlin 

Then we went back to the vendor room to see what was new. We didn't expect to find this:

Lil' Mo and The Dynaflows were in the vendor room doing an impromptu performance.
The crowd was intimate at best. Really, it was like 5 of us watching.
It was one of the best performances of the weekend, and I was lucky to catch it! 

I met this reader in the vendor room and we snapped this picture together.
Please add me on Facebook so we can keep in touch!

Dave and Zack

After a little more shopping we hit the car show.

Doris and Dollie!
Blondes definitely have more fun!

This car was fun. 
"Vegas Whiskey Founders"
Yes please!

Zachary and I

With Ellen, the sweetest girl I know.
We have so much in common, and became great friends right away.

There was a big crowd waiting for the main event...

The Killer himself, JERRY LEE LEWIS!!!

Jerry's daughter and granddaughter opened the show with them both singing, and his daughter played the piano. They did a lot of classics, like Roll Over Beethoven. They were both very talented, but everyone was getting antsy to see the killer.  When he finally came out, you couldn't see him because everyone had their cameras in the air, trying to get a glimpse of him. Maybe I couldn't see him that well, but boy, I sure heard him! He still kills it on the piano, and he hasn't lost much of his singing voice at all. He still had enough energy too, and even played standing up for the last song: Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On. The crowd went crazy, and then he was whisked off the stage and into the limo he came in. It was a short set, about 30 minutes. In the end, anyone who doubted him be shamed. He KILLED it!

There he is in the black and white.

Lucky, a friend saved me one of the only seats available, on a big plastic divider!
I was happy to be able to rest my feet for the whole show!

With The Vintage Housewife.
She is always such a sweetheart!
I love the sweet pink purse she gave me!

Then we headed straight back into the hotel. I don't like to see the sun too much in Vegas. We were looking for air conditioning, a cocktail, and a cushy seat, and Deke's Guitar Geek Show provided that and so much more. It is terrible to say, because Deke is our friend and Zack's sometimes band mate, but this is the first time we ever made it to the Guitar Geek Show in Vegas! In retrospect, I don't know why we waited so long to go. The basic lay out is that he has a ton of bands, mostly ones that are booked to play at Viva, and they each do 3 instrumental songs. They all use the equipment provided by Deke, which really cuts down on set up time, allowing him to keep the show rolling with minimum downtime. The show was insanely entertaining due to the incredible talent potrayed.  There were too many bands to name, so check out these photos:

Then Deke announced that it was Sugarball's birthday, and they were looking for a volunteer to give him a birthday spanking. Of course I volunteered, being the good friend that I am. Alana also volunteered my services-what a pal! 

One for the money.....

Two for the show....

three to get ready now GO CAT GO!

Me and Phil Alvin from The Blasters!

After the show we headed back to the room to change for dinner. I wore the Alfred Shaheen sarong dress Zack got me for my birthday. I decided to make Saturday my Shaheen day, and I loved it! I decided these are the most flattering cuts ever! Then we went to the official birthday party for Chris Sugarballs Sprague. 

There were balloons, snacks, cake....
Even pin the tale on the donkey! 
Of course I was volunteered right away to play.

I was blind folded and spun....
But when I went to pin the tale on the donkey....

This jackass was there!!!!

Everyone got a good laugh at that one!

With the birthday boy!

Amber made her famous cakepops!

With Karling Abbeygate

Sugarballs break dancing 

Amber and I

One pic with my well dressed boy

Karling with her own Sort This Out Cellars wine. 

After the party we headed upstairs to the ballroom.

Sugarballs, Me, Dr. Crazy and Deke

This pug got some action from me. 

Love this couple: Amber and Bobby!

Then we got a front row spot for Deke's show:

I love Dorian. This girl can party, and if you want to be one of my girls, you gotta know how to party!

Classic. Viva memories in the making!

More spanking for Sugarballs

Duck walk? That was so last year Sugarballs!

Going up?

Going down....

Amber crashed out on the monitor, so I picked her nose. 

Then they played Frannie's favorite song, so she got on stage to dance.....

And her and Sugarballs had a dance off. 

He won and celebrated by crowd surfing. 

This is about the time the girls and I go crazy over Dr. Crazy Joe. I was really the instigator here, but the other girls loved going along with it. Trying to be as obnoxious as possible, we keep telling him to take his pants off. That is actually a normal phrase we use on a regular basis, so nothing new there. The new phrase we did coin in the process was "Pants Off Dance Off". I knew it was destined for greatness from the start. 

There were a couple items of clothing thrown onto the stage.

So, under pressure Joe agreed to show us some leg. 

This isn't really what I was going for, but I will take it. 

After the show we had a brief after party back stage.

Robert and Elaine


DJ Rockin' Vic and his fabulous fiancĂ©e

Robert, Sally Jo, Elaine and Deen

Then the Caezars were going on, so I went onto the dance floor! They have changed their sound a little bit since their earlier days. I think they sound a little more 60s garage, punk and rock and roll then rockabilly, but at least they still have a slap bass. They were high energy, crazy, young and wild like always! AJ is a great front man and always delivers big. It was a great show and I had a blast watching them. 

Afterward I went to buy the new EP they were selling. I waited around to get a picture with all of them, but AJ was having a rockstar moment and didn't want to pose for pictures. Oh well, I have lots with them already!

Such cute boys!

Afterward I left my camera in the room to dance and see some more bands. We danced into the wee hours of the morning, and got to see the sun rise.

Viva Las Vegas, bitches!


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  1. I <3 Dorian! She is Frank's "other wife" ;-)

    Linda Gayle is Jerry Lee's sister, and that was his niece performing. He has another niece, Mary Jean, who lives in Scotland and is backed by my friend's band. So much talent in one family! It's amazing!

  2. I knew I was right about that. I had that it was his sister and niece but zack changed it on me. I was too tired to look it up so I said, whatever, just change it. Your blog just said the opening band, with no names or relationships, but I knew you would tell me if we had it wrong. I'll get around to changing it one day. :)

  3. I had always thought it was his sister, but had to look it up when I saw what you posted ;-)

  4. You looked so great all weekend!! I wish we would have gotten to hang out more! Maybe we'll see you guys over the summer! i'm thinking... Disneyland!!?? lol Have a great weekend, Dollie!

  5. Dollie, I got the CUTEST pic of you and Zachary at the sunday pool party. I turned it into Vintage Life Magazine this morning, with my Viva Coverage. I think you'll love it. Send me an email and I'll shoot it over to you.


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