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VLV Wrap Up: The Loot!!!

7:06 PMDollie DeVille

I wasn't sure if I was going to do a post about the stuff I bought at VLV. I was still throwing around the idea when I had multiple readers come up to me at VLV while I was shopping and tell me that they couldn't wait to see what I bought. When I told them that I wasn't sure if I was going to do a post about it or not, because I didn't want to seem materialistic, everyone of them told me that I had to because everyone loved those posts and everyone wanted to see what I got. I do work very hard to save money for Viva so that I can do some shopping because I get a lot of enjoyment out of it, and apparently, my readers get a lot of enjoyment out of seeing what I got too.So, here it is, my Viva Las Vegas loot post!

First off, while at Viva I got a few gifts from readers. Really!!! What a nice surprise! 

This was waiting for me when I got home from vacation. It is a giveaway from Tart Deco:

Vintage purse, broach, bracelet, and hat.

The hat is so beautiful! I really think the mint color is flattering with my hair color. 
I had no idea! Now I must find a nice dress to match this hat!

This is a close up of the shadow box that Ellen and Jorge Garcia gave us! I love this and am already using it. They drove all the way to Vegas from CA with this in their car just to give to us. 
What great friends. I really do love them!

This is a super cute little purse mirror that Tatsuo and his wife brought me all the way from Japan! 
I was so touched that they thought of me! I know that space is limited in suitcases of people coming from over seas, so it is really sweet that they brought this all the way from Japan to give to me. 

Next is the stuff I won in the bathingsuit contest!

I got this beautiful hand painted serving tray and I am already using it!
I saw the other girls trays, and I really like mine best!

I also got this super cute apron! It reminds me of a circus or carnival or something. I like the scallop edges too. This apron is completely different than my others, and I am already getting a lot of use out of it. 

New Gretsch shirt. I can use this at the gym for sure!

Other random stuff....Big Toe stickers, cute bow, pictures from painted pinups, year subscription to Bachelor Pad Mag, and two custom bangles from Hard Times Baby Boutique (but I can't seem to reach them via the website to take them up on the offer. Also cant seem to find them on Facebook).

Here is a gift I bought for an upcoming baby shower. She reads my blog but I hope she doesn't see this! 
I just couldn't help but share it with you!

It's a 1950s overalls and bonnet set, in pink and white stripes in perfect condition.
Isn't just darling!

Now, on to the stuff I bought for myself.
Let's start with accessories! 

I wanted some sheer gloves for the wedding.  I saw these at Boss Vintage and I liked the frilly details. 
I like that you can see my manicure through them too! Best of both worlds!
I think they are simply delicate. 

Some bakelite accessories. A wide orange bangle, three rootbeer spacers, a carved green ring, orange triangle earrings, and triangle charm bracelet.  From various vendors.

I love my giant Mexican woven thatch purse with tooled leather handle and closures.  I got this from Boss Vintage on a Sunday sale!

This year I was really looking for two and three piece outfits. 
Here are the ones I brought home: 

I love love love this pink and white stripe set I got from V Male. My cat likes it too! It is a deadstock pants and shirt set with attached skirt and wrap tie. The tag says it is for sporting, like tennis, cycling, hiking, gardening, etc. I probably won't wear it doing any of those things!

This is my favorite outfit I bought all weekend. It is from Donnaland Vintage. It is a three piece set: shorts, crop top, and shirt in pink silk with white flowers. I love it so much that I bought it even though the shorts are an inch to small in the waist. I figure I would take them to the seamstress to see what she could do. I just couldn't pass this set up!

This is another shorts and crop tie top set I bought. This one is a reproduction from Atomic Swag made from a vintage pattern and vintage fabric. It is so soft! Again, it doesn't fit. The shorts are too big, so I will have to take them in. 

This is a deadstock shorts and top set I bought from Boss Vintage. 
This will be great for summer picnics! 

Ahhhh... my first two piece squaw dress! Everything is right in the world!
This is why I love two piece outfits: two looks for the price of one! I can totally wear that top with jeans, and yes, I am definitely going to!

Now.....can it be??? Yes, a two piece, novelty print, squaw dress! All of my collections have culminated in this one piece!! Yes, the top has these little native american bow and arrows.....darling and dangerous! 
The skirt is so basic too, that I can wear it will a lot of different tops. Both of these squaw outfits are from Boss Vintage in Denver Colorado. 

Now, a few new tops:

This is my new favorite top! I can't resist novelty print cotton tops, and this one has super cute little roosters and a cute collar. I have already worn this like 5 times!

I can wear it with pink, green, blue, orange, red....
I am also thinking about wearing this top with the all blue squaw skirt above, or those red and white gingham shorts above. At first it seems wrong, all of those patterns, but I think it will be oh-so-hillbilly-dumpling-right!

This is my 2nd new favorite top! It is a Hawaiian silk tea timer top. 
It is sooooo soft and cold all of the time. Perfect for summer!

The Hawaiian novelty print is perfect!

Now, for some dresses, and yes, more novelty prints!!

One word: Kamehameha. 

Look at the bust detail, and the halter top that ties at the side.  
Ohhhhhhh soooooo flattering! 

I love the little Hawaiian people with the drums and guitars. 
Lately I have been really attracted to novelty prints involving musical instruments. Hum.

This little number is a doozy also. I love the collar and the drop waist (hard to see). 

This one has little maracas! Muy bien!  

This is a sweet dress I got at Calo Style with my $75 giftcard I won in the bathing suit contest.
It has a sheer pink fabric over a pink lining. 

The fabric is printed of course, with little pink leaves. The sales girls tried to talk me into a solid black dress (something I need probably), but I just can't seem to like black or solid colors for that matter. I know what I like: colorful prints!

Last but not least, my tiki mugs from Frankie's! Now at home in my living room.

I hope you enjoyed this post!


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  1. Thanks for sharing pics of your stuff Dollie. I really enjoy seeing your things - you ended up with so many wonderful pieces, you are such a sweetheart you deserve it! I really hope to go to Viva someday, I am so glad you had fun.

  2. I love that hawaiian novelty dress! So cute!

  3. WOW!! you got soo many great pieces at Viva.. I love the rooster shirt!! Hopefully, after i graduate I can afford to do some shopping at viva.. at this point, we are lucky to just get there. thank you for a great time!!

  4. you mean me Art Deco NOT Tart Deco,hehehehe.

    Love the rooster print on that one blouse!

  5. Yeah, I was going to say... I am close to having a giveaway though so stay tuned ;)

  6. Man, I am such an asshole. I really need to stop watching tv while I blog because I make so many stupid mistakes. So so soooo sorry!!! I meant Art Deco not Tart Deco. I follow you both and your both fab bloggers!!!! Please ignore my blonde moments.


  7. Oooh I love everything you got. Especially the 3 piece set from Donnaland Vintage! And the maraca dress. Too cute!
    x Molly

  8. Such cute stuff! I love the Hawaiian top! I also have to say the Ellen and Jorge find the best stuff out in the valley. And while sometimes the vintage in Denver is lacking, Boss always has great items and the people who own it are so nice. I do have to say that I didn't really mind on skipping VLV this year since I couldn't drink until I saw this post... Of course shopping in my condition (pregnant) is exactly safe either...

    Great stuff and thanks for sharing!

  9. My goodness, you made out like a bandit! I love the squaw skirt. I'd really like to get one at some point.

    Question for the Rockabilly Socialite, who should be an expert on matters like this: how do I differentiate between 50s to early 60s fashion and rockabilly style? Do I have to wear a pencil skirt or wiggle dress or is a circle skirt alright? I also don't really have any leopard unfortunately. I'm going to a rockabilly fundraiser for Japan this week and don't want to be dressed too sweetly.

    Thank you muchly!

    -Desiree Pop-o-matic Deluxe

  10. hi dollie
    thanks for doing the post on your viva goodies! you got some fab stuff i especially like the turquiose squaw set,i think its because i have a thing for squaw dresses & skirts at the moment!& that baby outfit is so cute! susan uk x

  11. *drool* and *swoon* So sad I had no money this year. :( I would certainly have beat you to at least three of those purchases! :)

  12. Hi Dollie,

    You got great items!

    It is my honor that you have included my small gift :-)



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