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VLV Wrap Up: Friday

7:36 AMDollie DeVille

On Friday afternoon we slept in, had a quick lunch, then hit the pool party. 
This year Viva Las Vegas had three pool parties, one on Fri, Sat and Sun!
The weather was perfect for a dip in the pool, so I wore my bathingsuit under my vintage fish print playsuit. 

Alana, Me, Zack and Ellen

This is the kind of bathingsuit you can actually wear in the water!
It's a modern Jantzen. I have a few and I love them.
Zack bought me this one for Christmas two years ago,
and this is the first time I have actually worn it!

The boys: Cory, Zachary and Brandon

After a dip in the pool, and meeting a few new people in the process, 
we went back to the room to screw around. 

On the slap bass of course! What did you think I meant?
We had a few drinks from the room bar too. 
Then Ellen and Jorge surprised us with a belated housewarming gift.....

This amazing shadow box! 
Ellen gave me creative control and basically challenged me to spruce it up a bit. 
I can't wait to show you all what I ended up doing with it! 
Also, when we were packing it up in the car after the weekend,
Deke saw it and asked if we brought it to decorate the hotel room! 
Too funny!

After that we went to the Charles Phoenix Slide Show.
Every year he hosts two vintage slide shows in the sit down showroom. 
It is nice because you get to sit down and rest your feet in an air conditioned room. 
The slide show is always a hoot and gets everyone laughing out loud. 
Charles Phoenix is always very charismatic, flamboyant and jester-ly. 
It is worth showing up just to see what he is wearing. 

Zack is getting in the mood at the slide show.
The fun party mood of course!
There you go with your dirty minds again.

The main event himself, Charles Phoenix!

Then we went for dinner at the Japanese/Chinese restaurant in The Orleans, Koji.  

These are the best drinks in the hotel,
the Asian pear mojito! 
Expensive, but oh so worth the money.

After dinner we went back up the room to change into our night time threads. 
I wore a vintage white sequin cocktail dress and carved lucite springolators.
Some more of my girls got into Vegas that night, 
so we met them in their room for another room party!

Miss. Emily, Miss. Dollie, Mrs. Amber Foxx and Mrs. Sandra Sprague. 

Zack says, heeeeyyyyy ladies! Have a drink...or two!

Sugarballs telling jokes

Then Bobby started off the chair throwing contest.  

So we took that as the cue to leave...

Time to party hardy!

Then we went into the ballroom to watch some bands.
I saw a lot of bands, so let me just share the pictures with you.
These are not necessarily the order of appearance that night. 

The Sparkletones were still fabulous. 

The B Stars!!! I love them. 

More B Stars from San Francisco.

Someone I saw but can't recall now. 

Can you name this band?

The Horton Brothers

The Sprague family. 
They just celebrated their 13 year wedding anniversary and are still going strong. 
Congrats you two!

Me, Sandra, Alana, and Sally Jo.

With my twinsie and new friend, Lee!
I saw this dress at Sneaky Tiki in Long Beach while there for Rhythm Rocker Weekender.
I saw it when it was in the window on Friday afternoon. 
I wanted it but didn't buy it because I already had the white one and was saving it for Viva.
By Friday night Nick had moved it into his booth in the ballroom, where I still loved it and Raul Castro took this picture of me with it. 

So, there you go Lee, I wasn't joking that I almost bought that dress before you did!
I recognized it right away! She has good style, what can I say? Ladies, don't hate-congratulate! 

I loved these cute kids dancing in the ballroom!

Alana bought this dress that afternoon to copy me.
I am a trend setter I guess! 

I also have this dress in the center, in pink!
I wore it last Viva, but I didn't realize it was the same dress until looking at this pic later.
I love seeing vintage twinsies!

What do you think Tom? Looking pretty sharp, huh?

The Medallions still have it!

Alana and I, being blindingly sparkly!!

Now is when the sad part comes. I had to use the restroom, and had to take off my dress completely because it was such a wiggle fit. I didn't know it at the time, but the zipper was missing two teeth near the bottom of the track. After my potty break I went to zip it back up and I immediately realized the zipper was no longer on the track. A ton of friendly girls tried to help me get it back on track with no luck. What is a socialite to do? Alana, being the great friend she is, offered to go to my room to get a change of clothes and bring them back to me. But I didn't want to waste her time, so I walked back to the room with my girls behind me, smiling the whole way, still posing for pictures and even a video. No one even noticed my zipper was broken! Luckily I had an extra outfit in the room so I never skipped a beat. So you see, just one more vintage clothing blooper to add to the list!

Alana was trying to help me get the zipper back on track, with no luck. 
See that hot mama in the teal and silver dress? 
I recognized that dress as one I use to own.
I was right, I gave it to Alana, who gave it to her. 
Vintage recycling at its best! 
It looks great on both of them. 
Also, I am sure you notice my bullet bra in the bottom corner. 
Hot damn! 

At this point I changed into a black top and skarkskin skirt. 
I left my purse and camera in the room so I could dance. Again we stayed up until 6am.

That's Vegas baby!


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  1. I think that band is Roy Kay Trio....they are GREAT! Jess bought their CD and we listened to it the whole way home.

  2. Love your bathing suit even better that it is functional and you have no worries about dry-rotted elastic. Lucky girl getting to see the slide show- love Charles! I really enjoyed seeing all the VLV pics - as I did not get to go this year!

  3. I have that same shadowbox! Mine is a pale pink right now, but I need to paint it chartreuse to match my Asian people.

    Ditto to the kudos on the Jantzen! Love it!

  4. I'm almost certain that band is the Psycho Devilles from Atlanta. And that's me in the red and yellow hawaiian! And I absolutely love your Jantzen.

  5. I saw The Medallions check in on Friday. They rolled up in style, in a gold Cadillac!

    Roy Kay is my hometown band. They played Saturday night. Not sure who your mystery band is. But Roy Kay is GREAT!

    Hope you'll be able to fix that dress :)

  6. Fun post! The B Stars were of the only bands I got to see due to my having youngerns w/ me. :):(
    Love the sparkliness of your white dress...I need one of those Jantzen suits! Where did you find yours? I have only seen them in solid colors.

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. Your bathing suit is one of the prettiest I've ever seen. :)

    XoX Sandy

  9. I agree that white dress looks amazing on you! I really LOVE your hair styled like that, any plans on a tutorial? ;)

    The bathing suit fits you so well, looks like you had tons of fun :)

  10. Just found your blog! It's really fun - I love it!


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