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VLV Wrap Up: CD Purchases

12:03 AMDollie DeVille

I wanted to mention that I got more than clothes at VLV this year. I also got CDs! I haven't found the right record player yet, so at the moment we only collect CDs and not vinyl. One day I would love to start collecting my favorite songs on vinyl. But for now, CDs are great! I love to add them to my ipod for the gym and work. I also love having them in my car-things vinyl can't do! 

These are the CD purchases we made during our trip to VLV:

1) Let's Go Rockabilly & Rock N Roll Vol 1
I found one song on this CD that I thought was interesting and didn't have: "Walking Wanda".
2) Let's Go Rockabilly & Rock N Roll Vol 4
3) Record Hop Madness Vol 4
These two are both your typical rockabilly compilation CDs. 
4) Risque Rhythm Nasty R&B
I had high hopes for this compilation CD of old sexual innuendo songs, but it wasn't as good as I was hoping. The song that stood out to me most is the first on the album, "Big Ten-Inch Record". It has a lot of stuff I already had, like Wynonie Harris. 

5) Twisted Tales From The Vinyl Wastelands Vol 4  Hippie In A Blunder
This compilation was intriguing because they are basically all songs making fun of hippies....
and I love making fun of hippies! There are other comps with different themes, so I see us buying more of these in the future.  
6) The Sparkletones
This is my second favorite CD we bought this trip. It is actually better than I was expecting. I love "Black Slacks", "Maybe Baby" and "Well Dressed Man". I do have to say, that I liked the first half of the album better than the last half, probably because that portion is of music from later in their careers, and sounds a little too much like The Beatles for me. 
7) Sureshots Rock'N'Roll Ball 
I loved this live CD so I put it at my 3rd favorite album of this group. I love all of the covers they did. My favorite being "Just Thought I'd Set You Straight" very daring and unique!
8) Roy Kay Trio Rock-a-way Lonesome Moon

9) High Noon Stranger Things
This CD is good. How could it be bad? It's High Noon! But, I will say, that their songs sound the same to me. On the bright side, they are highly recognizable! 
10) Starday Dixie Rockabilly Vol 2
11) The Western Aces (is that Riley Kern on the cover?)
12) Star Mountain Dreamers Rhythm, Feelin & Phrasin 

13) Deke Dickerson Mr. Entertainment 
The name says everything. This CD is entertaining. 
Take Deke's version of "I Love Rock & Roll" called, "I Love Rock & Bowl." All jokes aside, there are also some seriously good songs on this album like the "Burbank Hillbillies Theme," "Ain't Got A Pot" (I have never heard Deke so western swingin'!), and "Mean Little Mama." 
14) Deke Dickerson and The Modern Sounds Live at Duffs
This is fan-freakin-tastic! I do love when The Modern Sounds and Deke get together, so I knew this CD would be up my alley. I love "Mexicali Rose," "Snatch It And Grab It," and of course my all time Deke fav "Muleskinner Blues." The Modern Sounds backing Deke up are just the cherry on top!

Of course, I am not just saying this because they read my blog.....

15) Caezars She's My Miss
I had to get this new three song single when I saw it. I will say, they are getting a little 60s garage for my taste,  but I still really like it I suppose. 
16) The Lazy Boys Wham Bam
I am glad I got this CD, it is a hoot! I love the sexual innuendos in the title song "Wham Bam," among others. I also love the guest singer Meg Pfeiffer on "Perfect," listening to this song makes me happy. Mirko, you are a great writer! Again, not just saying that because he reads my blog.....

Without further ado, my number one acquisition: 

17) JD McPherson Signs & Signifiers 

Okay, seriously, why didn't anyone tell me about JD McPherson? Because apparently I missed this band wagon and am the last to know about this new phenomenon. I knew within 10 seconds of listening to this album that he was my new favorite artist. I have been looking for a modern artist with this sound forever, and I never thought I would find it in this white guy (sorry to say!). I had to do a double take at the album cover. THIS sound is coming out of THAT guy? Well, lord bless him! 

Back to the CD....Of course "North Side Gal" is my favorite song on the album. I had heard Djs play it before, so I thought he was covering it. That is how authentic his sound is-I thought it was old when I heard DJs playing it! Doh. I also love "Fire Bug" (good jiver possibly? I must try it), "Dimes For Nickels" and "B.G.M.O.S.R.N.R." Really, there is not a bad song on the whole CD! 

Please, do yourself a favor and buy this CD asap if you don't have it. Or at least look at his YouTube videos! 


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  1. I Love JD McPherson, my girlfriend told me about him a while back, although I didn't put two and two together until I heard his voice.

    He's the guy who fronted The Starkweather Boys, an album I already have, so if you haven't got it already and you fancy some more JD, check out their Archer St Blues Lp.

  2. Love this post!!--I am always interested in discovering new music (and where I live there are next to no shows, so it's basically me on my own), so I love hearing what other people are listening to. Although I do already have J.D. McPherson's album. :) It's so good!

  3. The J.D. album is great, enough has been said about that already. My delightful surprise of Viva goes to the Lazy Boys, whom I did not know of prior but do enjoy now. Modern Sounds are the best, combine with 1 part Deke, shake well, and you have awesomeness. All the comps are pretty good, to be expected. The Vinyl wastelands anti-hippie album is great for playing around annoying idealists. ..all and all, purty happy with our purchases. 16 cds to many? Nah, not enough! Down with the evil digital music!


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