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7:49 PMDollie DeVille

It seems like things are getting busier everyday in Rockabilly Socialite land, especially over on my facebook page. I have been getting about 20 messages a day asking questions about various things like: "What time period do you think this fabric is from?", "How would you clean a vintage straw bag?" and "Where could I find reproduction gold lame pants?" So, instead of answering all of these questions half ass like on Facebook, I thought I would use them to start a new blog feature called Ask The Rockabilly Socialite! People are looking to me for answers so I will try my best to help them out. Now, I don't claim to know everything, but if I don't know it, I will look it up, or find someone who does. So, feel free to email your questions to or message me on facebook. I will try my best to answer all questions asked, but not all will be featured on this site. So, here is the first question:

"Dear Vintage Guru,

I have a question for you about a certain style of necklace...basically I don't know if it has a certain name and what its made of. I'm looking for a fun colorful necklace with fruit on it and I'm not sure what to type in the ebay/etsy search engine or maybe you even know a local place that carries them? I know I've seen them, and they usually look like the one you wore with your gold lame cigarette pants at Viva...the kind that have the loop chain in what I'm guessing is Lucite or celluloid but I'm just not positive and I'm not doing very good at searches for them online. You seem to know so much about all this vintage stuff and I thought maybe you'd know a specific name for them. 

Thanks for your help!

Hi Reagan!

I believe you are talking about this outfit and this necklace, right?

My set is a reproduction that came all the way from Japan. 
I got the black and yellow one, and a white and yellow one. 

They were selected in person and brought back for me by my wonderful friend Sandra Sprague while her husband was touring there. I wish I had more info on them to give you. I have looked around the web for necklaces like these, and they can be tricky to find, and very expensive too. I usually use key words like: Vintage Celluloid/Bakelite/Lucite Chain Necklace Fruit. Sometimes adding Carmen Miranda helps too! 

I have seen a few companies doing reproduction versions, and I instantly thought of my friends at Atomic Swag. At Viva Las Vegas 13 they were carrying necklaces and bracelets just like the ones you are talking about, but this year they had more atomic versions:

$28 from Atomic Swag

$28 from Atomic Swag, made with vintage lucite pieces! 

These are super fun and colorful and you can't beat the price! I think I need to get a few of these for myself. Their website is super easy to use, you can pay via Paypall, and there is no competition like on Ebay. If you still have your heart set on the fruit look, I found these other options on Etsy for you:

Black and Yellow Vintage Lucite Long Stem Cherries or Lemons Necklace
$69.50 from Holi on Etsy

Vintage German Lucite Orange Necklace
$65 from Holi on Etsy

These are great reproductions and the price is still very fair. That black and yellow one looks almost identical to the one I have! If you have you heart set on vintage, look at this beauty I found: 

SATSUMA --- Rare Vintage 1940's BAKELITE Mandarin Orange Fruit Celluloid Deco Necklace
$134 from Pretty Kitty 13 on Etsy

This vintage piece is twice the price of the other options, but worth it in my opinion! Look at those huge leaves and tangerine colored balls! There is no denying that this is a hefty statement necklace. 

With all of these options, be aware that the chains are very fragile and they have a nasty habit of getting tangled in your hair. As for reproduction VS vintage, that is all up to you. I have a vintage one that cost me a boat load of money, and I have the two reproduction ones that were about $60 a piece. I love them all, and I know you will love yours too!

Hope that answers your question.


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  1. I saw a set extremely similar to those Japanese repros at My Baby Jo in Los Angeles. Unfortunately it's not on the website... maybe you can call them?


  2. Another term you can use to search is "Vintage Bib Necklace."

    Great post!

  3. Yay! Thank you. Those were exactly what I was looking for. I appreciate your help so much on this and what a great way to start of your vintage advice section of your blog. I hope you had just as much fun putting it together as I had reading it and finding all this info out. Thanks again!!!
    Lil Vintage Homemaker Blog


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