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Impromptu Engagement Party

11:36 AMDollie DeVille

After my big surprise engagement on Saturday I thought I would make us a nice breakfast as an engaged couple. I made my specialty, pumpkin pancakes, scrambled eggs, hash browns and coffee. 

I was cooking in my skivys and new apron. 
Zack thought it was a hoot and took this pic. 

My fiancĂ©e, up much too early in the morning.  

We are up early because we needed to head over to the mall to get my ring sized, and then we were heading to Brunch Americana at The Redwood to see The Modern Sounds and Deke Dickerson.

The Modern Sounds are one of my favorite bands at the moment, so I was so happy to see them while they were in town. There was not much of a crowd, which made for a nice quiet environment for listing to their set.  

Also, it was Beau's 30th birthday! If I would have known I would have made cupcakes! 
We were all honored to be able to share the day with him. 

Zachary and Sugarballs

Alana, Sandra and I

Pappy and I

Deke Dickerson and The Echophonics were the headliners. Deke was backed by the Modern Sounds. 

The One and Only- Deke Dickerson! 

I didn't know the Joel played steel! Yowza! 

Or that Alex played keyboard! 

Joel also plays harmonica? What can't he do? 

With birthday Beau and Joel!

Then Deke and Sugarballs showed us the slide show from their recent tour on the Kid Rock Cruise Ship. 

This was one of the funniest pics they showed

There was lots of boobie shots, covered up with pics of Kid Rocks head. 

Another funny pic!

Deen and I. I adore her!

With Sage! 

Then, a big surprise! Deke rode into the bar on a horse! REALLY!
Yes, he just randomly rode a horse into the bar. 
This is how we party in LA!

If that wasn't enough of a party, we had Sugarballs play too!

And Dave "Pappy" Stuckey......

And Chance!

It was a great show, and we had a blast showing off the ring to everyone. That afternoon I bought a Ventrella Records shirt from Joel, but some how lost it before I got home! I was so sad! It must have been all of those cocktails everyone was buying me!


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  1. Congrats again! Pumpkin pancakes sound sooo good :) if you ever find the time to share the recipe with us, then that would be even better. Thanks ;)

    XoX Sandy

  2. That first picture of you is great! I'm glad other people do things like that too :) Congratulations again!

  3. Congrats on your engagement!
    Oh and did your giveaway package show up ok?

  4. Really love your first pic !
    You looks like a perfect 50s housewive, like a Elvgreen's draw!

    Congratulations for your engagment!

  5. very jealous! we're loving the modern sounds lately. i need to take a look at their schedule :)

  6. You're simply beaming! Congratulations and an early welcome to the wives club :-)

  7. Congrats kitten!!! what an amazing ride your having...enjoy every moment!!! Loved meetin' ya at viva your smile is electric...huggs Cat

  8. Congrats! You always look so adorable; marriage will look great on you too! (Zach is a lucky guy, LOL!)

  9. What a great apron!!! It makes me happy to see that you are using it to full advantage!!!!


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