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What To Do At VLV: Wednesday Night

10:44 AMDollie DeVille

Getting in to Vegas early, and looking for something to do on Wednesday night?

Go to Frankie's Tiki Room!

Every Wednesday night before Viva Las Vegas we head to Frankie’s Tiki Roon. Frankie’s is a tiny little tiki bar in Vegas that delivers big on tasty cocktails! They have a long list of signature fruity drinks, but also make all of the standards as well. For an additional cost, you can order your drink in a Frankie’s souvenir tiki mug! Each drink has its own signature tiki mug, so its fun to see how many you can collect before you are toasted! The most I have ever gotten to is 4. These drinks are really strong (most made with Bacardi 151) even though they don’t taste like it. The place is decorated really cool too, with tiki d├ęcor from floor to ceiling. There are only a few seats at the bar, and a hand full of tables. So, if you want a seat, make sure to get there early.

Anyone in town early, come down to Frankie’s and say hi!

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  1. This sounds great! Good luck with your collection of Tiki mugs..
    Cheers!! ;")

  2. Oooh, my friend is off to Vegas for her Mum's 50th and is planning to come here! Looks fun, and yummy!
    x Molly

  3. I love frankies.The Kahiki Kai is my favorite drink.Hubby and I will definatley be stopping there again.We arrive on thursday.Loving your playlist.


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