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What To Do At VLV: Thursday!

7:39 AMDollie DeVille

What to do on Thursday: Hooch and Smooch!

If you want to start Viva Las Vegas off right, you will want to get there in time for Sweet Pea’s Hooch and Smooch. Lets face it-You ain’t doin’ Viva right if you miss the Hooch and Smooch! What is the Hooch and Smooch you ask? It is a meet and greet that is basically the official kick off of viva. It is hosted every year by the uber-fabulous, super sweet, amazingly friendly Sweet Pea. If you don’t know her, that is even more reason for you to attend-to meet her! Everyone that comes gets a “Hi My Name Is” name tag, and you are encouraged to walk around and meet new people. It’s a great way to make new friends if you are new to Viva, came by yourself, or just like to be a socialite (like me!). It’s a hoot because you meet all of these new people, and then you see them around all weekend.

Last year the Hooch and Smooch was held in the downstairs pub of the Orleans. The line was around the corner, and you couldn’t get in unless someone walked out. Once you got in there, it was really crowded, had a tiny dance floor (that was covered in tables and chairs, making room for only one couple to dance), and a small stage. It was still a blast, but it needed some changes. This year the Hooch and Smooch is moving up stairs a ballroom-huge improvement! There will be a big stage, room for dancing, and no long line to get in! You need a wrist band to attend this event, and all events for VLV, but that is no biggie because I know all of us socialites already got our wristbands (you better have, because they have long been sold out!). Now, this wouldn’t be a VLV event without some music, and Sweet Pea has booked some great bands. She tries to showcase bands that you probably haven’t seen before. Most are bands that are popular in the area they are from, but that don’t really tour nationally or internationally. Like my boyfriends band, Blue Collar Combo. They are great, and pretty well known on the LA rockabilly circuit, but have never played in Vegas before. She also has booked The Buzzards from New York. They are a really fun band that I first saw at Ronnie Weiser’s Pre Party last year. This year she does have a big name on the bill also: Lil’ Mo! So, the music is sure not to disappoint.

Rockabilly Socialite’s Verdict: Don’t Miss This Event! Every year this is one of my favorite events of the weekend. There is nothing like starting the event off with a bang! I always wear my cutest day time outfit for this event, not to the car show or the pool party, so you know it must be pretty swingin’!


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  1. Do you know if that's the same Sweet Pea that was on Project Runway a few years ago?

  2. No, it's not, ha ha. I guess the name is not that rare! :)

  3. I'm so grateful for these suggestions. We were at a loss to figure out how to prioritize everything especially since we're not staying there and we're gonna have to run back and forth...Thanks!!


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