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VLV Countdown: Packing!

9:11 PMDollie DeVille

I dragged my suitcase out of storage this week. You know what that means? Its time to start packing for Viva Las Vegas! I always start packing a week or two prior, because the closer we get, the busier I get and the harder it gets to find time for things like packing. Now, the boys have it easy in this department. Zack doesn’t start packing until, well, the night before. He mostly throws everything into one suitcase, throws the suit jackets into plastic, and then he is done. We girls have it harder. We have more liquid and cream products that are prone to spillage. We have a lot more fragile things to pack, like lucite purses. We also have a lot more little tiny things that can get lost easily, like bakelite earrings. Everyone has a certain way they like to pack, and I am no exception. So, I thought I would tell you how I do it.

We drive to Viva Las Vegas, so we have the luxury to be able to pack more than most people could bring. 9 pairs of shoes? 7 purses? No problem!

I bring one large rolling suitcase, one train case, and a garment bag. Most of my dresses go into the garment bag. The suitcase holds separates, undergarments, purses, and shoes. Then I put makeup and hair products into ziplock bags and place those on the outer zip pockets of the suitcase. What is in the train case you ask? Jewelry of course! I wouldn’t want my bakelite to get broken, so I put those all save and cozy in my little train case. To save space, I put things like scarves and stockings inside my lucite purses. I also stuff my shoes with tissue paper, so they don’t get squished down and make the leather get those nasty little creases.

This is my Two Five train case. 
It has boomerang print and pink velvet inside. 
I adore it!

When we unload the car and check into the hotel, we only make one trip, period. We don’t want to go back. So, I have to have a system. This is why I can’t have a vintage hard shell suitcase. I need a rolling one! I put the handle of the suitcase up, and hang the garment bag on it, looping it up so that it is folded in half and doesn’t drag. Then I take my train case and precariously balance it on the top of the suitcase, leaning on the handle. Then I can carry all of that in my right hand. Why? So I can carry the booze with my left hand! Zack does the same thing, but he gets the pleasure of carrying in our heavy ass cooler in his left hand- also why it needs to be on wheels! So there you have it-how to carry a whole car load of stuff in one trip. That is a skill!

Then once we check into the room I hang all of the clothes in the closet, and put my suitcase on the stand provided. Then I go to work converting the desk into my vanity space, and viola-Its Viva Las Vegas time! Cocktail please!


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  1. Sounds like tough but fun work!! I actually am going to the car show this year with my aunt and uncle are staying in Vegas for a karate tournament and bought tickets for the car show!! I can't wait!!

    For The Vintage Fashionista

  2. I started packing today since I'm awfully busy this week too. I cannot believe it's so close, time definitely flies!

  3. I am always still picking up things from the cleaners and the tailor's the day before I leave!

    A tip on unloading when you get there...have the valet take your luggage, if you slip him $5 or $10 bucks, your stuff will be at your room in less than half an hour. I don't even use a garment bag for my dresses, I lay them on top of the luggage in the back of my Rav4 and hang them on the rolling valet when I arrive. I have never had anything lost or stolen using the Valet at a hotel. If you worry about your jewelry, take your train case. It's just so much easier using the Valet, and that is what he is there for!

  4. Extreme workout broApril 11, 2011 at 11:35 AM

    This year I'm not sure how I am going to manage carrying all that usual business PLUS my guitar and gig case.

    Good thing I'm such a buff dude. Check out these guns broseph (flexing at the computer screen)dude I'm totally gonna go pound another protein shake (beer).

  5. WOW...that's pretty much the way to do it. How could we think of anything less. And last...a cocktail is in order.

    Thanks for that one tip on the shoes, will do for sure.
    I think I'm almost ready.
    Chris...? Does the same thing that Zack does, the night before. Then he's, where's my..??? and where's this and that...errr!

    Yep..I have no time to look for guy stuff!

    Hahahah, Sandra

  6. Sandra- oh my, same here. The night before I am all ready to go and want to get a good nights rest while Zack is up til dawn washing clothes, packing, etc. Then he asks me to iron this, mend that etc. Boys!

  7. I pre packed today.Trying on outfits and getting frustrated with things not finally finished.all thats left is the hair and make up do dads.I'm so excited.

  8. Hi Miss Dollie, love your blog. I wanted to share this gadget I found for keeping your train case, or other bag, on top of your suitcase. I don't know if you have a T.J. Maxx in your area but I got it there for $8. It's really handy in the airport.


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