Shapewear Follow Up

7:30 PMDollie DeVille

Okay, those girdle shorts were a naughty-bits death trap! Why the hell would anyone do that to themself? I got the size that they recommended for my measurements, and when I took them out of the box I thought it was made for a 5 year old! Then when I tried to get them on, it looked like I was trying to put Pillsbury buttermilk biscuits back into the little tin can. Then I had to have Zack help zip it up, and we just succeeded in zipping up my skin. It was awful! I just can't possibly suffer that much for fashion! It didn't even look good. If anything, it made me look less curvy by squashing my hips in. No thank you! I am returning them and going back to my spanks shorts!

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  1. Did you go off your hip measurement or your waist?

  2. The waist, but the hip measurements for it were correct or near it. In reality, this thing is like 8 inches wide!

  3. Oh, that's not good at all! I've never tried to squeeze into a pair because they look like some kind of torture device. The open bottom girdles are much nicer!

  4. I really don't understand how anyone can wear shapewear with legs. I swear I can feel them pushing on my bits and I feel like I have a UTI & pee constantly. TMI? I don't know, but open bottom is all I can muster.

  5. This is the joy of living a vintage lifestyle in the year 2011...we can choose something that might work better and be wearable and comfortable!!!! I surely take advantage of advances when it comes to something like this. I need to move and those olf fashioned things, while cool to look at, are not made for TIFFANY to move. ha ha.


  6. Back in the day, my waist was a 28 and my hips were 4o, so I bought a size 30. You really have to go off your hips.

    Sorry that it's not working out, but spanx are going to be a hell of a lot more comfortable and easier to pee in! ;)

  7. Open bottoms don't keep the thighs from rubbing. Chafing is not fun. I got one of those one piece boobs out Spanx things. I also got a waist cincher and if I can find a longline bra in a superginormous I'd like a couple of those too.


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