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Rip Carson and The SideWynders at Weber's

8:09 PMDollie DeVille

Last Friday we went to see Rip Carson and The SideWynders at Weber's Rockabilly Friday Night. 

Our good friends The SideWynders were the opening act. 
I love The SideWynders, and I bet you would too!

DJ Rockin' Vic was spinnin' dancing tunes.
He played I'm Comin' Home, Romeo's Teacher, and Mule Skinner. 
I was in heaven! 

I wore my new vintage sweater, grey gabardine skirt, and some other 'ol accessories. 

The main act was Rip Carson! He played a fun April's Fools joke by opening up with Don't Stop Believing, which threw us all for a loop at first, but ended up being a funny joke!


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