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Palm Springs Road Trip!

9:58 PMDollie DeVille

Last weekend the gang piled in the car and headed to Palm Springs because the lovely Amber Foxx was playing there. Sugarballs, Sandra, Zack and I met up with Amber and Bobby at their house. Then we stopped for a photo-op:

With Bobby's guns! Nifty! Totally reminds me of the Beverly Hillbillies.

This is how we roll!

Best picture ever, hands down!

Once we stopped fooling around, we got on the road. 

Then we stopped off in Yucaipa to have a picnic lunch lovingly prepared by Amber. There was chicken, potato salad, pasta salad, a veggi tray, chips, soda......and cake! yum yum 

I was a beautiful sunny day, perfect picnic weather!

The love birds, sharing cake. 

Once we were stuffed, we hit the road again. That is, until we spotted the antiques signs in Beaumont!

This antique store looked like a barn,

And had a back lot for photo ops!

Zombie doll!

Amber with the scare crow!

20% off- Jackpot! 

You may not want to see the next two pics....

Then Sugarballs spotted this antique baby carriage in the window display. 
We wanted to see if it was comfy and strong. 
It was!

Sugarballs bet me a dollar to get in and let him push me around the store. 
It was a hoot, but I am really surprised that no one threw us out!

Bobby makes a great pirate!

I'm doing the washin' machine boogie

Then we got on the road yet again, and finally made it to Palm Springs!!!

Our first stop- the Orbit In!!!!!

If you don't know what the Orbit In is, check out the history on their website:

#109 Eames Studio
In short the Orbit In is a very posh, exclusive (they only have 9 rooms), and oh so fabulous mid-century modern hotel. The hotel is from 1957, and each room is full of  mid-mod goodness! If you ever go to Palm Springs, this is the place to stay!

Pink vintage bathrooms!

Steel kitchenettes! 

The pool is to-die-for! Perfect for sporting your favorite vintage swimsuit!

Love this pic that Sandra took!

This is the bar where they hold the Orbitini hour!

Cocktail? Yes please!

Jacuzzi! Cozy kinda!

The staff was the best part of the Orbit In. They were sooo nice, informative, and accommodating!

I loved their dog!

I can't wait to go back to the Orbit In!!!

Next we headed to Dazzles. They had so much cool stuff, I can't even explain my excitement! 
Let me just show you a few of the pics:

This stuff was all very overpriced, but I had to get something! I actually got a few things on the trip, so I will do a separate post about that. 

Then we finally got to the point of why we were there: Amber's show at Dillon's Road House.

This place was so cool! It had this "out in the middle of nowhere" feel. 
This was a 100% bonafide honky tonk!
There was a long bar, tables and chairs, stage and big dance floor. The food was pretty average, but better then you would expect from a place like this.  

While there, Sugarballs was shooting the cover of his next album.
I can't wait to get a copy!

Finally, some time to sit and relax!

The opening band for the evening was Dead Beat Daddies.
I have never seen them before, but I loved them. It's great to see new bands doing their thing. I like that they had a saxophone.They played a few covers I have never heard anyone else do, like Three Bad Jack's best song, It's Forever. I hope to see more of these guys! So LA promoters, book them!

Then the main event.....Amber Foxx. All of my UK readers listen up! Amber Foxx is booked at Rave, so you better catch her show. Whether you have never seen her, or it has been a few years, make sure you see her then. She has a ton of new songs that you will love! She did her set list she is playing at Rave and it was awesome. She really got people on the dance floor. 

Like all us girls......strolling!!!

My Palm Springs trip was the best "mini vacation" ever! 
Thanks to Amber, Bobby, Sugarballs and Sandra for making the trip extra special!


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  1. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Killer pictures ! Wow !!! Seems you had a blast !
    Pics in the baby carriage are so much fun. Incredible how old things were built to last and why the owner don't put you out ha ha ha !!!

  3. Wow - that hotel and those antiques stores are amazing! :D

  4. glorious! i'm super jealous of all your part of the country has to offer. glad to see all the good times!

  5. looks like you all had a great time the pix r amazing of all the goodies and the baby buggy ones are priceless OMG so adorable :)
    xox Christie

  6. LOVE the bay buggy pics! Looks like you guys had a ball!!!

  7. Love everything Dollie! Thanks for helping me relive that amazing day...the only thing is you forgot to mention me and you falling asleep on each other minutes of stepping in the car LOL Good times..

  8. "Bobby"- I'm guessing this is Amber because Bobby and I definitely were not cuddling in the back seat, but Amber and I were! Ha ha. I wanted to tell the boys to snap a pic, but decided that would be creepy. Ha ha!

  9. Fun! There you were having a picnic where I go to college, and antiquing in my little town. I'm always down at the Red Barn Antique Store; we could have shopped together. LOL!

    XoX Sandy

  10. ah that looks like so much fun! i love your blog! x

  11. OOps! Sorry Dollie, this is Amber and I have tears coming down from Laughing so hard......Bob must be liked to this and thats why his name is on here...anyway, another "I love Lucy" moment for me but whats new!!!

  12. hi dottie!!
    great blog,nice picture and beatiful home...


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