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8:58 PMDollie DeVille

I said I would post pictures of what I bought while in Palm Springs, so here it is! 

This new gold metal cabinet replaced the one that used to be above the toilet. 
I like this one better for the bathroom because it has two sliding doors that hide stuff! 
I put the other one in our bedroom, which needed more wall decor anyway!

Two pairs of earrings that I bought from Dazzle. I couldn't leave empty handed!
I love the yellow ones, and have already worn them twice this week!

Bakelite!!! I got it all 30% off! Yippy!

These tops were a gift from the lovely staff of the Orbit In!
Thank you! 
I have also got a lot of use out of these at the gym this week!

My fav purchase of the trip! 
"Atomic Cocktail" set in teal with gold stars. 
20% off! Yee Haw!

I got this blue bird thingie. His friend died, and I felt bad for him, so I took him home.
We also got an ash tray to match!

I think I am going to re-organize this yet again. Not sure if it is balanced well. 

Oh! I also got a ton of Orbit in coasters! Thanks again Orbit In!!!!


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  1. I just found your blog, loved looking at the pictures on the way to Palm Springs. I live in so ca and it's always nice to see another vintage girl! That cocktail set is to DIE for, it's just begging for a pink cocktail. Looking forward to upcoming adventures, I'm adding you to my blog roll.


  2. great finds! the jewelry is AMAZING!

  3. NIce Goodies Great deals hun :) I love the cocktail sets I have one is silver and one in gold they r too cute:)
    Great buys:)
    xoxox Christie

  4. I love it all! Especially the glasses and the cabinet!

  5. For as much time as I spend in Palm Springs, I have never heard of the Orbit In.

    XoX Sandy


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