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VLV Fashion Week: Trends

9:48 AMDollie DeVille

Really, nothing is new in rockabilly. Being stuck in the past is actually at the core of our beliefs. So, how can we have trends? Well, even though things stay relatively the same, rockabilly fashion trends will somewhat follow the rest of the worlds fashion trends.

Lately, we have been seeing high-waist shorts everywhere, from on celebs like Katy Perry to shops like Charlotte Russe and Forever 21at the local mall. This may make die hard vintage fans want to stray away from high waist shorts, but I have a feeling they will be as popular as ever this upcoming VLV. I know I am loving this look, so you will see me in it a lot. All it comes down to is that they are cute and comfy, and an affordable alternative to cotton 
frocks every day.
Stop Staring shorts, $68

Abstract print shorts, forever 21 $14.50!
I just wouldn't wear it with a stripe top-maybe a solid red top and wedges.
They have these is black too, but I loved this print so much better!

I imagine we will see a lot of 1940s platforms too. I seem to be seeing women stray from stilettos and head toward 1940s platforms a la Carmen Miranda. Maybe because they make you taller without killing your feet so much. Who knows? But I hope to see some cute ones this year at VLV.

View Image

I used to follow the “No Jeans at Viva Las Vegas” rule, but I broke it last year. But, now I am noticing a trend in jeans becoming a more socially acceptable as night wear. Maybe it is because the reproductions jeans being produced in the last few years are leaps and bounds above your modern Levi’s 505s. Freddie’s of Pinewood jeans are really cute enough to wear as late night dancing clothing, so I think we will see that at VLV. I know I just got a super cute pair of vintage blue bells, so I may just end up sporting them late one night on the dance floor.

Freddies of Pinewood  jeans

I am hoping to see more bows this year at VLV, and not because they are my personal fashion statement. Okay, maybe a little. I just feel that hair flowers are played out at the moment, and bows are more fresh. If our goal is to stand out, then it makes sense not to wear the same hair flowers as everyone else. The red rose? Really? Its time for a change ladies! If you are wearing a hawaiian outfit, you will want flowers for that, so look for exotic colorful 
flowers to keep it fresh. 

What are your trends for VLV this year?


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  1. Here are some trends I have noticed recently--

    30s work wear. This is a huge thing right now. This stuff is going for big bucks and lots of the vintage collectors at Viva are wearing it. Its getting more money than Gab or Hollywood jackets. Its more casual, obviously, but its hot in the selling world.

    Vintage motorcycle stuff. I call this the "Wild One" look. I'm not too fond of this look but I have noticed lots of people wearing it. Caps, moto pants, wide belts and boots. Its a really noticeable look. Not very feminine, but I think thats the point.

    Pachuco/Pachuca. I've always seen the guys sporting this look but there are lots of girls doing it too. Its not so much of a Pachuca look, just more of a 40s Latina look. Very Carmen Miranda. I really like it, obviously, as my dogs name is Pachuca!

    As for me, my style hasnt changed too much. I'm not a really trendy girl, I just stick to what looks good on me. This year though, I will not be doing as much Hawaiian. The price of it is insane right now and I cant afford any new pieces. I still love it though!

  2. the repro high waisted jeans really help us rockin' kittens hide the gunt!

  3. My trends are my usual: sparkle, sparkle, super tight, skin tight, hawaiian, different stiletto every night, stripy suit, animal suit, bakelite bangles, short shorts and big, big shiny red hair. ;) xx.L

  4. hello miss dollie! i agree with hair flowers i try and stay away mostly... I probaby will only wear it once the whole weekend. i have been collecting vintage hair goods this year barrets and combs i scored a huge lot of barrets still in packages ekk

    ...bows bows oh my golly could that be my very favorite thing! I am looking to stay more soft with my hair this year instead of the rockabilly rolls...which i have had my share of! Totally a vintage novalty i love cheery and happy prints...i adore vintage fruit, polka dots,Bows!I just about died at your rooster play outfit... love your posts kitten! Cat

  5. T Broad, yes, all of those trends are very popular too, but like you said, harder to follow because of the expense. I love to see girls in the british Moto girl look, but I know that stuff is sooooo expensive, and its a look I know I could never pull off. ha ha I guess that goes for the Pachuca look too. :)

  6. Dollie's boyfriend Zack (super cool guy)March 15, 2011 at 12:18 PM

    I'd say the trend I'm going with this year is a nice gab jacket and shirt combo, collar pulled over, hair piled high, ..and no pants. Just boxers with hearts on them, white bucks with high socks and sock garters. Oh yeah, reee-fined!

    ..and maybe I'll smoke a pipe, because I live dangerously.

  7. Oh my goodness nicole! I love your bloggs!

  8. This is a really interesting post to me!

    The first VLV I went to was VLV3, and back then 95% of these repro. lines didn't exist. So the trends seemed to revolve around whichever vintage was the hardest to find.

    There seemed to be an unspoken hierarchy/competition; she sporting the rarest novelty print wins! So the most sought after stuff was 40s cherry prints, 50s poodle prints, and atomic prints. And lots of vintage gabardine western wear, for both sexes. Carved lucite and cherry bakelite necklaces were also a huge deal.

    A few years later the Hawaiian dresses were the most desired. First the sarong and dirndl skirt variety, then the mini trend for pake muu maxi's.

    I haven't been to VLV in a couple years, but it sounds like nowadays the repro. lines are the trend setters! I've noticed a lot of lines (Freddie's, Nicole Katherine, etc.) are selling 30s and 40s 'Rosie the Riveter' type denim.


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