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VLV Fashion Week: Clothing Bloopers!

8:09 PMDollie DeVille

No matter how much you plan, you can’t control everything. Sometimes clothing bloopers happen. Actually, they happen to pretty much everyone at some point at Viva Las Vegas. My second year at VLV I had a beautiful barkcloth sarong dress that I was planning on wearing to the car show. I had spent forever primping that morning, and had the whole shebang: dress, wedges, bangles, hair flowers, purse, parasol…..I felt great and was ready to go party! I got as far as the elevator before the zipper went….POW! Busted! This could have ruined my whole day, but I was prepared and remained calm. I backed my way up to the room, pulled out my handy dandy Emergency Sewing Kit, and safety pinned the hell out of that zipper. If I was not prepared, I likely could have thrown a huge hissy fit, cried and ruined my makeup, and not gotten to wear that dress I wanted to wear. But if you are prepared, you can handle just about anything.

This was the dress that my zipper broke. 
That day I just safety pinned it. Can you tell? I can't! 
Then I replaced the zipper first thing when I got home.  

Last year at VLV I ran in to a really unexpected problem. It was Thursday night and I went onto the dance floor for my first dance of the night. Half way into this dance, the strap on my vintage gold lame Red Cross heels broke. RATS! Of course for the sake of packing light I had planned to wear those shoes multiple times that trip. What is a girl to do? Well, I walked back to the room, pulled out my Emergency Sewing Kit and used yellow thread to sew the strap back together! It may not have looked perfect, but in reality, no one was going to notice and it allowed me to wear those shoes for the remainder of the weekend. I still have them now and I still wear them with that yellow string. Also, if you are a strenuous dancer, look out for those arm pit seams. This is the most common clothing blooper I see, and it happens to the best of us. You are dancing up a storm, getting a big head that you look amazing, and then RRRRIIIIIPPPPP! Of course the same thing happens with stockings too. Vintage is volatile. Zippers bust, straps break, seams separate, stockings rip, and your heel can get caught in your hem……  Basically, you want to look perfect, but life is not perfect. Shit happens. If you are prepared, have a little ingenuity, and remain calm you can overcome any situation and get back to having fun!

These are the gold shoes that I ripped and sewed back together. 
Can you tell? I can't!

So, what does a Rockabilly Socialite need in an Emergency Sewing Kit?

 Safety pins. Lots and lots of safety pins. Small and large in silver and gold. Thread in multiple colors, with a few needles. Various buttons, a spare hook and eye, and mini scissors. Hemming tape, a stain removal pen, and single serving Tide could be handy too. Some upscale hotels still offer complementary sewing kits in the room, and I believe The Orleans does offer them, but you don’t want to rely solely on that. Those kits are really basic too, so I always bring my own. I have one that I purchased from the super market, and then added a few things, bulking it up.

Have you ever had any clothing bloopers? If so, what did you do?


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  1. I am embarassed to admit it but I have duck taped a hem!

  2. I had a zipper on a Halloween dress bust. My Mom or sister or someone sewed me into it since it was right before I left. Not a huge deal luckily

  3. I can't talk up Shout wipes enough! They ROCK! Some Fray Check wouldn't hurt either, or clear nail polish!

  4. hi ya- I have an experience where I was jiving with a fella at VLV and didn't realize that the underwire of my strapless bra had poked through and was sticking out in the middle of my boobage. I kept wondering why he was staring at my girls. After the dance finished I found out. I just pulled it out and kept on dancing the might away. :)

  5. As some one who pretty much sweats all the time, I have found dress shields to be invaluable. In the dresses I make, I just sew a set in, and for those I purchase, I get the disposable ones. No more underarm wet patches.

    On the issue of other "emergency" stuff, I always carry a Band Aid Friction Block stick for my shoes and I carry a pack of blister bandaid things in case I need them.

  6. My bestie E has a really embarrassing photo from the first US Rave. I'm wearing a strapless sarong dress. I'm dancing with someone and my arm is over my head and we're smiling. The picture is cute until you realize that my whole boob is hanging out! Thankfully, E loves me and would never post that pic on Facebook. Aside from that, I havent had any outfits tear or anything. Yet. Though my friend Tina's cheongsam dress ripped away from its zipper and I had to shimmy it off of her. Luckily that didnt happen in public though!

  7. two words - fashion tape!! add it to your emergency arsenal. I buy precut strips in two sizes at sally's beauty supply, but you can get it in a tape dispenser roll as well (i think the brand is hollywood fashion tape or something like that). great for hems, seams, straps that fall down, gaps in the front at the boob area, etc.,default,pd.html?cm_vc=SEARCH

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  9. Oh yes, garment shields are a must have for my sweaty man!

    T Broad-Oh no! One more thing for me to worry about! It my boob popped out while I was dancing, I would poke an eye or two out for sure! ha ha ha.

  10. I really appreciate this wonderful images that you have provided for us.Thanks for sharing this image.awesome post......

  11. Another tip for sore tootsies: protect sore spots with MOLESKIN immediately. Saves my feet every year!


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