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VLV Countdown: Shape Wear!

9:53 PMDollie DeVille

I like the look of corsets on other girls, but I think I have decided that the look doesn’t work on me. I am already so busty and hip-y naturally, that I am afraid that accentuating my small waist any further would make me look like a freak show attraction. Does that make sense? Maybe one day I will post a pic to show my point. I also like to bend at the waist while dancing. Oh, and eat, drink and breathe too. I do think that vintage clothing requires certain foundation garments to make it lay right and give that authentic look. So, what other shape wear options does a girl have?

Body Briefer Firm Shaping

Corsellette: I have two of these, one in black and one in mint green. I like that they have garters attached for use with thigh highs. This look is so cute in photos, and on for that matter, but I found them impractical for use as a shape wear. Since they are one piece, you have to put them on like a swimsuit, but because they are shape wear, they are soooo tight. This made it a battle just to get the thing on, and then afterward all of my sensitive skin was all scratched, red, and itchy. Not cute! The first one I had didn’t have any snaps at the crotch, so you had to completely remove all of your clothes to use the bathroom. I personally don’t want to be caught naked head to toe in a Vegas bathroom, but maybe that is just me. It was so frustrating and time consuming that I gave up on it.  The second one I got did have the snaps on it, but I still don’t like it because it doesn’t do anything to help your thighs. The cut really just creates a nasty thigh protrusion all around, and that is just not good.

Body Briefer Firm Shaping

Corsellette with shorts: I found that Rago make a one piece corsellette in a shorts version, which eliminates the thigh problem, but none of the other problems I ran into with a corselet. This option has an opening for you to go to the bathroom without removing your whole outfit. Some girls can use this, but I am always afraid I will get pee on myself, and feel like I am wearing stinky pee soaked underpants all night, so I always refrain from buying these types. Also, some of my girlfriends that wear these types are afraid of flashing while dancing…not fun!

Upper Body Firm Shaping Long Line Bra

High Waist Leg Shaper Extra Firm Shaping

My personal favorite is the long line bra and high waist girdle shorts combo. I believe the two pieces make it much more versatile. I can’t live without my long line bra from Rago. I think I am on my 3rd one. It gives you the perfect bullet shape, especially when you add in the bullet shaped foam inserts from My Baby Jo. This bra also eliminates the back roll issue caused my normal bras. When paired with the high waist girdle shorts, you have a classic hourglass shape-very much accentuated at the waist. It doesn’t really alter your natural shape like a corset does, but rather just accentuates your figure. I like this option best because it makes you appear more high and tight, looks great under vintage clothing, but it also is a very comfortable option. With this combo you can actually go to the bathroom relatively easy, at least compared to one piece counter parts or corsets. I just found this high waist girdle shorts from Rago online, and they have a side zipper! That will make it even easier to make bathroom stops while inebriated at Viva Las Vegas.

So, I think this is the option I am going with this year at VLV. What is your undergarment secret weapon?


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  1. Dear Miss Dollie. I love reading your blog posts - they always make me giggle!!! PS I noticed my friend Deen at your housewarming party - I'm from Sydney and my first ever VLV trip was with her!! So please say Hi from me!

  2. i usually wear just a one piece sretchy girdle, but this year i purchased an authentic corset with steel boning. i wanted to go all out and even though i wont be able to breathe, eat, or sit down i shall be feeling very stylish ;p

  3. Ohh I have a vintage corslette and I agree with the thigh thing, I need a bit more "shaping" in that area..and they are sooo hard to take on and off. They sexy on but aren't comforable, and you don't look graceful getting in and out of them either lol.
    The long line bra and girdle shorts are a great idea! If you don't feel comfortable, you're never going to look your best :)
    x Molly

  4. thats actually a really excellent recommendation. I have gone that route plenty of times. I use the high waisted brief by Rago pretty much everyday. But I have to warm you that it really works best when used with the garters and stockings or ELSE it rides up and into the butt crack when bending over. Not fun =-( So as a result I wear garters everyday. It's kinda fun really! I can pair with a long line or a regular bra. The rago has boning and it DOES roll out and poke out on the sides after they get worn for a few months. I like the longline too but sometimes because I am fat it rides up on me and creates a belly bulge. The other drawback is that it's straps don;t get covered over on lower cut tops because they are so wide. Ugh this subject is kind of a pet peeve for me. I have not found anything that is 100 percent great yet.

  5. i've been loving these posts! i've done the vintage thing with my house for a long time, and now i think i need to buck up and try some vintage ware for myself!

    i don't naturally have much of an hourglass figure, but perhaps some of these undergarments will help a little! looking into this... :) thanks for the advice!

  6. I like to wear a one piece that is like a mini tank dress with a bra inside. It is made by Nancy Gantz and always keeps everything looking smooth -on fussy days I'll sometimes where a waist cincher under it for extra shape.

  7. I just went shopping for a new girdle and came up empty thighed, seems that my local retailers aren't carrying full support girdles anymore, its all just spandex now :-(. So I'm going to give a the Rago Shapette Long Leg Girdle a whirl and order it online.

    I also just ordered a Coquette Satin Bullet Bra in black from secrets in lace. I usually go with the old Wonderbra 2620 which is great, but not the prettiest, so I am excited to have something a little flashier.

    But my one foundation garment dilemna is what to wear with a halter neck or strapless top. I generally avoid them because I am bustier at a 34D. I don't feel safe in a strapless bra. But I've got a halter neck dress I intend to wear so I'm looking at an Elila Strapless Longline Full Figure Bra - that should hold me up right?

  8. My favorite combo...long line bra with a high waist open bottom girdle. It totally eliminates the pee issue. If you are wearing stockings, the girdle will come down and if you aren't, you can pull it up like a skirt :-)

  9. Additionally, a number of Waist Cincher could also have got memory foam functions of which assistance this spine, assisting boost pose at the same time.

  10. Hi. the long line bra is perfect i love it.. also you should try a cheap waist cincher..Thanks

  11. I'm a big fan of shapeware in general. There are a number of good Waist Cincher products out there that have so many good features to improve your body shape.

  12. With Shapewear you are guaranteed to find a garment for your every lifting, shaping, and smoothing need. Slimming full body girdles, butt lifter garments to reduce the effects of gravity, and waist reducing waist cinchers.


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