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VLV Countdown: Navigating the Vendors

7:03 PMDollie DeVille

Viva Las  Vegas may be all about the music, but that doesn't mean we can’t do some shopping while there! In fact, I believe perusing the vendors is one of my favorite afternoon pass times. I love that there is such a wide range of vendors- from Vinyl to CDs and Vintage to Repro. A place to get house wares, car parts and art. Stands to get something to eat or drink. Even booths to get you picture taken, a new hairstyle, face of makeup or a tattoo! Pretty much anything you could want. So for my first timers, I wanted to give you some tips for navigating the vendors.

Tip #1: Wear comfy shoes. It may not seem like you will be walking much while shopping, but there are two huge rooms up stairs full of vendors, and even more at the car show on Saturday afternoon. You will be doing a lot more walking than you would think, and sore feet will just take all of the fun out it.

Tip #2: Wear an outfit you can change out of easily, without messing up your hair, and preferably two pieces. You don’t want to get your hair ‘do messed up early in the day, so it is important to wear an outfit that you can either pull over your head easily, or better yet, something with buttons. Also, something with two pieces is good because then you have something to wear on top when you try on bottoms and visa versa. It would be horrible if you can’t come out of the dressing room to check yourself out because you don’t have a top or pants to cover the rest of you up! Also, don't for get to wear proper undergarments!

Tip #3: Bring your photo ID. This may sound weird, but believe me, you will need it (like you need it everywhere in Vegas). Most of the vendors do not have their own dressing rooms, so if you want to try anything on (you do!!!) then you will have to leave your photo ID with the vendor and take the stuff into the bathroom. The nearest bathroom is down the hall, and there is often a line, so you want to pick out everything you want to try on from that one booth before you leave for the bathroom. This will cut down on the amount of trips you take, but you will still end up taking tons and tons of trips to try stuff on.

Tip #4: Bring cash. Some vendors do take card, but only the larger ones. Cash is king, and will also give you more bargaining power.

Tip #5: Bring a purse that you can carry on your shoulder. This will free up your hands to grab more good stuff! Especially if you are like me and one hand is already taken by a drink!

Tip #6: Bring a measuring tape. Some vendors will have them, but I carry my own mini measuring tape anyway. This is serious business after all! I recently lost a lot of weight, and now I have a harder time “eye balling” it. It is horrible to find something you love, think it will fit, and then get disappointed in the dressing room when it is too big or too small. So, the measuring tape tells me right away if it will fit, saving me trips back and forth to the bathroom to try stuff on.

Tip #7: Bring a big purse. You will need room to fit all of this stuff in! You need room for your wallet, measuring tape, cell phone (so you can reconnect with your friends after you are done shopping), bottle of water (or hooch), and anything you might buy.

Tip #8: Shop solo. I am a solo shopper because other people just distract me, and like I said, this is serious business! I want to get in, get what I want, and get out. Chatting and willy-nillying with my gal pals isn’t going to help me do that. You especially DO NOT want to go shopping with anyone that wears anything close to your size, or has the same taste in accessories. You don’t want your girlfriend to grab your dream dress on the rack 5 seconds before you do!

Tip # 9: Shop nights. I like shopping during the day because I don’t  want to miss any of the bands at night. But, some people don’t have the stomach for it like I do. Day times can be crazy- fast paced, crowded and loud, especially the afternoon the vendors open. I personally like being one of the first people in because I want to see the best of the best (even if I cant always afford it!), but if you prefer the more relaxing time of shopping experience, try shopping at night.

Tip #10: Shop Sundays. This is a good rule if you want to make a deal. By Sunday the vendors are willing to cut the prices just to avoid packing it back up and taking it home. So, try and haggle! I will buy some of my “maybe” picks on Sunday if they are still there and the vendor is willing to come down on the price. But, if you do all of your shopping on Sunday, be aware that all of the best stuff is already gone, especially if it was competitively priced what so ever.


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  1. Thank you so much, Dollie! These are some wonderful tips! As a first timer, I really appreciate all this info! I would have never even thought to bring a tape measure! I cannot tell you how many times I have bought a dress or skirt at a vintage boutique, only to have it fit too big or too small!

    Thanks again and I will be sure to bring cash, comfy shoes, a big bag, and a tape measure!

  2. While it can be a good strategy to wait until Sunday if you're looking for the deals, I would not recommend this with regards to the cd vendors. Buy any music you want early in the weekend because it does get picked through.

  3. Thanks for the tips.
    I need to bookmark the post ;-)

  4. Excellent checklist! I will be sure to pack a tape measure! Last time I went though I couldn't get used to those automatic-sensor-flushing toilets you have in the US and every time I bent over to put on the clothes I was trying on, my backside set off the toilet flusher - which was most disconcerting! (although that was still in the Gold Coast so they may have different loos at the Orleans!)


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