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VLV Countdown: 30 Days!

7:58 PMDollie DeVille

Spring has sprung! There are Easter decorations in the stores, the weather is slowly starting to warm up, and vintage clothing is going for outrageous prices online-you know what that means??? Viva Las Vegas is getting close! VLV is only 30 days away according to my countdown. This is officially crunch time. It’s time to get serious about all of that stuff I said I was going to do at the 100 day mark-lose the last five pounds, save money, and practice dancing. So far I haven’t done any of those things. Doh! I have bought a few new things for VLV though, and turned down a few that I thought were too outrageously priced (even I have a cut off!). I have finalized my packing list, bought all of the toiletries I need for the trip, and set my appointments. I also got my business cards and they look great! I went to the optometrist this weekend and upgraded my contacts and glasses. That might seem silly, but I actually want to be able to see the bands in the dark from the back row-novel idea I know. I have learned from experience to bring back up glasses and contacts. You never know when you will need them! I still have a few more things on my to do list- get some new shape wear (I will do a post on that soon), finish stocking the room bar (we are ½ way there already-and that is a first for sure!), and get about 5 garments cleaned and taken in. Surprisingly, I feel pretty ready at this point!

What things have you set out to do before Viva Las Vegas, and already found yourself falling short? I know I can’t be the only one!


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  1. Practicing dancing and losing the last 5 pounds will be killing two birds with one stone at least!

  2. oh yeah, the weight thing and dance practice for sure!! with my busy school schedule i don't have time and energy and then i eat junk cause i'm in a hurry! grrrr! definitely need to drop some stuff at the cleaners and get a couple of items taken in also. Can't wait to see what you say about shapewear! i'm in need of some of that too!

  3. I Know its a gettin closer I have a mental list in my mind but I will be putting together all my goodies 4 the trip I have 2 dresses Im debuting at viva which I cant wait to wear so IM excited about that :) just have to figure out the shoes but no biggie I always manage to get it together before viva so its all goodie heheh Im getting excited by the day :) xoxox always love yer ideas hunny xoxoxo C

  4. OMG - I am living vicariously through you now since we cannot afford to go this year! However the one thing I will be happy about afterwards is hopefully Ebay and Etsy sellers will stop inflating their prices - yikes! Add VLV to the post and know the price is jacked up, right? On a positive note there are some sick/gorgeous stuff coming out of woodwork for sale.



  5. The Vintage Fashion Expo came into town and luckily, I got about 4 dresses, all for under $100, so the budgeting is good. I'm basically set with my outfits. I still need to buy the toiletries. The working out bit... not working out so much. With my busy schedule, I'm surprised I have my outfits ready! I get more excited as the days get closer! :)

  6. I'm trying to finish up the final packing list. It has been a little overwhelming since this is my first Viva. Not to mention that it just snowed 5 in last night so it makes it hard to imagine being in a play suit or swimsuit. Also, making my boyfriend brush up on his flashy dance moves. Haven't been out dancing in a couple of weeks. Super excited for the under 30 day count down! Yippee!


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