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Road trip to San Francisco!

10:12 PMDollie DeVille

This past weekend I hitched a ride with the 18 Wheelers to San Francisco, where they were booked at The Verdi Club. The two car caravan picked us up at our house about 12pm, and after a stop for coffee, we were on the road. The drive is about 6 hours, so we were in for a long ride. 

Bobby and Dave didn't make the ride any easier. They spent the entire time geeking out about comic books, music (I didn't mind that part), and the civil war. Greeeaaaaaatttttt. This is going to be a long ride. I mostly slept. 

Then we stopped at a big truck stop on the grapevine, where Sugarballs got a condom out of a bathroom vending machine. Who knew that really existed?!? He couldn't resist!

The crew
 After about 100 more stops for gas, food, and bathroom breaks, we finally made it!

Going over the Bay bridge!

We made it to The Verdi Club, early!

Then we found the "ladies lounge", perfect for us to get dolled up in!

Im pooped!

After we got cleaned up, we sat around in the bar, shootin' the shit. 

Then the show started...finally! 

Dorian, Sandra, and Me!

Christina Lopez. 
Do you recognize that guitar? It's Zack, the one I bought for him a few years back. 

Mitch Polzak and The Royal Deuces! 
Isn't he so tall and amazing! Wow!

Me and Lisa, aka Lola Devlin, fellow blogger! 
It was great to see some familiar faces! 
She is so sweet, she came to the show just because she knew I was coming to town.

Oh yeah, and the 18 wheelers played! They were the headliners.

They pulled out all the stops for this show. Yes, you are seeing this right.....
It's a cowboy with a Sugarballs growth! 

Dancing to the 18 Wheelers! The Verdi Club was the coolest venue! I loved the tall stage, chandeliers, and dance floor.

After the show we went to Taqueira El Farolitos. 
The line was out the door, even at 3:30am!

My newest friend, Tanoa, treated us to some grub. 
He is so nice, and I can't want to see him DJ at VLV!

Squeezing into one booth

Then we went to bed, in one of these cute "little boxes full of ticky-tacky".
We were so lucky to have Lindsey and Sherman let us crash at their super cute 1920s era casa.

But of course, there were shenanigans for who fell asleep first. 
In this case Bobby, who fell asleep in his jeans and boots. 
But, he was tired from driving all day!

We got about 5 hours of sleep before we woke up and walked to the coffee shop down the street.
Look at that cable car! You can't get more SanFran than that!

Then we went to the cable car museum!

Don't look at this sideshow of images from the 1906 earthquake. 
It's horrible! Why would I pay 25 cents to be scared to death?

Then we walked to ChinaTown....

And sampled the local cuisine! 

Then we drove to Berkeley to Down Home Music Store.


Pappy and Zack, looking for Vinyl.

We made a lot more stops before we made it home. 
Here we are at a truck stop trying to win a stuffed animal for Pappy's daughters, and the cash money attached to them was for me. :)

We all made it home safe, and it was hands-down the most fun I have ever had on a road trip. It must have been the amazing company. I am so lucky to have such great friends.


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  1. You look like you had an amazing time!

  2. SF is so fun. I love going! Not too great for my hair though.

  3. What fun you had! I had to write an essay all weekend so I missed out that Saturday :(
    It's a shame the weather has been crappy.
    Next time you come 'round these here parts, you must drive through the WestLake neighborhood in Daly City where the best little boxes are located!

  4. Wow! Looks like you had fun! I am from Berkeley and I have never been to the Cable Car Museum. I really gotta do more around here. The Verdi Club looks really spectacular. Oh yeah, and I'm glad you made it to El Farolito as their burritos and quesadillas are the bomb. Yes, the bomb. I used to be Anyways, rant over. Have a blessed day :-D

    Bitty Boss

  5. I LOVE reading your blogs! That's all... :)

  6. awesome trip! I completely agree about the Royal Deuces (tall and amazing) :) Definitely one of my favoirites from Viva last year.

  7. Yeah, I told Mitch that he is like a cowboy superhero. ha ha ha.

  8. Sequined Mexican circle skirt, $24!
    SOLD....To Late!!!

    Hey the pictures of San Fran were awesome...!!!


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